New Era for Sports Fans


Tim de Leede is a former Dutch cricketer, who had a long One Day International career of 11 years for the Dutch national team. A right-handed all-rounder, he played for the Netherlands at 1996, 2003, and 2007 World Cups. After his retirement in 2007 he started a coaching career and in 2015 was appointed as the head coach of the France national cricket team. His son Bas (18) continued his path and made his debut for the Netherlands a few months ago.


De Leede decided to take part in Sportco, a site which gathers sports fans discourse, using an innovative technology which will reward readers for any involvement on the site. The intriguing tech project seeks to unite all sports fans under one umbrella brand and change the way sports fans will play a role in the future of sports media. Sportco recently announced to its 500k, in a statement published on their websites, that an algorithm will measure their readers' involvement and reward them with sports tickets and merchandises for any action they perform on the site. Sportco currently possesses sports fans community platforms (websites, apps, social media channels) such as Cricwizz, Sportswizz, SportsQwizz, Sportswizzleague and more.


De Leede, who remained close to sports after retiring and currently owns a sporting goods store, expressed his support for the announcement on the company's website: "This is a new era for sports fans. People watch sports not when it's on but when they have time, and through platforms like Sportco they can share their views and read background information from sports lovers all around the world. Nowadays, we can’t watch or see any cricket here in western Europe. You can only watch cricket as a dedicated viewer as it is a Pay-Per-View, but kids who zap on the TV will never see it. Since that happened, cricket has become less popular and is virtually an unknown sport here. If Sportco becomes as popular as I think it can, it will make cricket more known and increase the numbers of kids playing.


Cricket fans are very passionate and in general have interesting opinions on cricketing matters If this can be combined with services like tickets, sports gear, etc. it surely will become a huge success" De Leede, added.