From Gamer to Game Changer: Join GoS to Fight Coronavirus

The entire world is struggling to deal with the deadly coronavirus, with many of the patients also succumbing to the disease. 

The westerners seem not to be able to handle the situation effectively, taking into consideration what is happening in Italy, Spain, and the United States, despite being rich and medically advanced economies.

This makes it even tougher for developing nations, such as India, to face this pandemic strongly, and this makes the role of its citizens even more vital for the nation to save lives and escapes the dire consequences of the dangerous coronavirus.

Rights come with great responsibilities, and Game of Scores (GoS) is stepping up to do its bit to save the nation from the pandemic that has put everyone’s life in danger. 

Through its unique initiative, GoS is aiming to make the most out of the country, which is under lockdown, and make significant donations to strengthen our healthcare teams in saving lives. 

While everyone, especially the youth, is spending all their time inside their homes, GoS is triggering the gamer in them to be a responsible citizen of the largest democracy in the world.

GoS is creating new opportunities for gamers to contribute to this great cause of creating donations, and all they have to do is play! 

As strange as it sounds, GoS believes that this will work out really well in the country where more than half the population is young. 

All they need to do is play a quiz at GoS with mere entry fees of Rs 25; GoS has waived its service charge, as the money collected through this will be donated to Rapid Response - India's most trusted Disaster Relief NGO.

Rapid Response will provide hygiene & dry ration relief supplies to under-privileged Indians, who are at greater risk of contracting the coronavirus. Rapid Response will use our donations to improve the health conditions for the poor citizens in the country. 

GoS is committed to being a responsible part of the gaming community in India, and is urging every gamer out there to join them in this mission.

With this unique initiative, GoS is redefining the concept of donating for a charity. It is simplifying the process of doing a good deed. 

With GoS, you wouldn't have to do a great deal, or give away a great percentage of your income to help the ones in need. All you need to do is take a quiz, play a game to be a great game changer for your country.

Play and donate here :

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