Guardiola insists he has no intentions to leave City until his contract expires

Photo: Sky Sports

Pep Guardiola has confirmed that he has no intentions to leave Manchester City until his contract expires at the end of the 2020-21 season. He, however, doesn’t feel that an extension should be rushed at this stage.

Guardiola has stressed if the club wants him in his job for another season, he will stay. But, it depends on the results.

“When you are here for five years it depends on the results. We will see what happens this season and next season. I am open, yeah. As I have said, I'm so comfortable working in this club." Guardiola was quoted saying by SPORTSTAR.

This has not been the greatest season for Manchester City by any stretch of imagination. They have not been dominating in the Premier League and have dropped points in the games, which they were expected to win comfortably.

While Guardiola has overall had a successful tenure at Etihad as has won 2 Premier League titles, 2 league cups and an FA Cup in his 3 seasons in charge so far. Also, he is not someone who is known for sticking with a club for a long period of time.

The Spaniard managed Barcelona for four years and Bayern Munich for a period of three years. He could have easily extended his association with those two clubs as the results were in his favor, but he decided to move on.

There have been talks if Guardiola would still like to be at Manchester City next summer considering the fact that they might not end up as Premier League champions this season.

But, the 48-year old has put the rumors to rest by making it clear that he is willing to stay and it’s up to the club to decide if they still want him in charge.

The Citizens are currently at the third position in the Premiership standings with 38 points. They are trailing by one point to Leicester City, which is seated at the second position.

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