Will Liverpool emerge as champions or will their past crush their dreams again?

This decade was very delightful or all the Premier League fans as there were so many thrilling seasons, wonderful goals, historic comebacks and famous defeats. However, the biggest talk still remains about who tops the table at Christmas and later on wins the title.

Liverpool have been very unlucky in this case. They have been on the top four times throughout and two times in this decade itself. However, certain events have led them to failure and disappointments but this season, Jurgen Klopp’s men look unstoppable being unbeaten in the Premier League for an entire year and going 50 games unbeaten at Anfield.

This is a really massive statement that proves the commitment of the players towards the team and their mentality going into every single game they play. Liverpool topped the charts at Christmas in the 13-14 season and the 18-19 season eventually losing the titles to their Manchester rivals, City both the times.

The gap though has been wider this year than at any team Liverpool have been at the top at Christmas but City’s incredible run last season and the infamous Steven Gerrard slip in 2014 is still very fresh in everyone’s memory. Only Liverpool have not been able to take the advantage of being at the top at Christmas, Chelsea have done so thrice, Manchester City and United, both, have led twice and have ended with the trophy without letting the title go.

The concern is always clear on Klopp’s mind, who still tries not to take the 13 point gap in his head and keeps reminding his players that the title race is still not done. For the record, in total 14 times in 27 seasons, the team at the top at Christmas has gone to lift the trophy, almost a 50-50.

Klopp’s side will definitely aim to buck their trend and clinch the Premier League title after being one of the best teams in Europe in recent years. Liverpool will have a tough January with games against Mourinho’s Spurs and Manchester United back to back. Only time will tell how this goes and all the Liverpool fans will be hoping to get the bragging rights as the season ends.

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