Phase Two: Contact training allowed as Premier League edges return

A date for the resumption of the Premier League’s return could be set this week, with clubs more than pleased to give the go-ahead for phase two training on Wednesday. Top-flight sides started off with group training last week as the Premier League is almost on the verge of returning live.

All because of the ‘Project Restart’, teams will be voting whether or not, phase two should be carried on with sides allowed contact training again. As per the reports of Sky Sports, the majority of the clubs are in support of this phase despite two clubs confirming that they have positively tested staff and players.

A fixture list is yet to be drafted and proposed as and when the competitive action can begin. The date of 19 June is targeted but there is a possibility of preponing it by a week or maybe postponing it. 

One of the problems of phase two is that if a player tests positive, the entire squad will be quarantined for 14 days which puts the Premier League return to a halt again. However, the Telegraph reported that Premier League clubs are not expected to put their entire squad into quarantine if one player is tested positive. 

According to the government’s latest advice, if a worker at a factory is tested positive, he or she will have to be quarantined but that would not affect the functioning of the factory. The same rule is expected to be followed for football. Guidelines earlier stated that a person who contracts the virus will be asked to isolate for 14 days but now guidelines have come up depending on the fact if you are living other colleagues, the nature of how things have been and also the length of interaction between the two groups.

One of the positive aspects of phase two is that training outside in the field reduces the risk of spreading the virus as social distancing guidelines are met regularly.

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