PUBG: "Coming back soon to the Indian shores"

Several mobile gamers from almost every corner of India will be enthralled after PUBG announced that it is coming back soon.

PUBG Corp on Thursday announced that it is coming with a version for Indians specifically. The company also aims to invest over $100m  as a measure to cultivate and promote more and more users to start with mobile games.


Esports, entertainment and various renowned IT industries are a part of the plan too but the more intriguing part about the project is that employment of over 100 employees is expected from Indian companies.

PUBG also ensured that every sensitive information of any users if any, would be taken care of with regular tests, audits, and verifications on the storage systems containing Indian players' personal data is not leaked and is kept safely. 

PUBG released a statement that said," To build and foster a healthy gameplay environment, in-game content will be improved and tailored to reflect local needs." 

Also, several other aspects like green hit effect and virtual nature of the game are also going to be taken care of. 

The only concern for the game's users was that the company did not announced any date. Not even the month. Several reports suggest that a version of the game may be available in December but nothing is concrete.

Krafton Inc; the game's parent company partnered with Microsoft to move all the data present in the mobile to its cloud server Azure.

This period of global pandemic was very profitable for the company as more and more users got engrossed in the game, increasing the downloads and the game time.

However, with the release of a game similar to PUBG (FAU-G), the users may get divided. However, we can't deny the deep rooted impact PUBG had before its ban. 

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