Are the New Orleans Pelicans a Legit Contender in the 2023-24 Season?

The spotlight is once again on the New Orleans Pelicans as anticipation builds for the upcoming NBA season. Experts and fans alike are asking: are the Pelicans genuine contenders this year? 

This analysis delves into the heart of the team, dissecting its offensive might led by Zion Williamson, defensive challenges, and the strategic moves they might employ. Dive in to get a comprehensive understanding of where the Pelicans stand in the ever-competitive NBA landscape.

Zion Williamson

With unmatched athleticism and sheer dominance on the floor, Zion Williamson has become the face of the New Orleans Pelicans. While his on-court performances are nothing short of breathtaking, off-court concerns and injuries have sometimes overshadowed his brilliance.

The Unique Athletic Specimen

Zion Williamson has been an enigma since he entered the league. His blend of size, speed, and sheer force is a marvel. However, despite his undeniable on-court brilliance, Zion’s career has been plagued with controversy and health concerns, as he’s played over 60 regular season games once in four years.

For the first time, this summer involved genuine Zion trade rumors. There were reports that the front office legitimately mulled over the possibility of moving on from the former No. 1 pick, which would have been unthinkable even a year ago. 

Pelicans’ Scoring Prowess

Pelicans-Knicks Player Prop: Keep Riding Brandon Ingram (Feb. 25)
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The offensive capabilities of a team often dictate its success in the modern NBA. The Pelicans, boasting a young and vibrant roster, have shown flashes of their scoring potential, with Brandon Ingram and Zion leading the charge.  

The Offensive Juggernaut

One cannot stress enough the offensive capability of the Pelicans. With Ingram and Zion at the helm, their attack becomes nearly unstoppable. Ingram is a star, and he’s gotten better on all facets year after year while Zion’s skills don’t just revolve around scoring; he operates as the Pelicans’ lead ball-handler, driving the offense both in fast breaks and half-court setups. 

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New Orleans’ Defensive Conundrums

Defense remains the foundation for any championship-winning team. As the Pelicans look to cement their place among the elites, questions arise about their defensive solidity, especially in the paint.

Searching for the Defensive Anchor

Defense wins championships - an age-old adage that holds true. The Pelicans’ interior defense needs a significant boost to provide them with a fighting chance. With players like Jaxson Hayes and Willy Hernangomez exiting, the void in their defense is apparent.

A Glimpse at the Past Defensive Efforts

New Orleans, over the years, has made multiple attempts to find that perfect anchor in the paint. Recounting the past gives insights into their defensive endeavors and the need for consistency.

Legacy of the Paint Protectors

Historically, the Pelicans have oscillated between defensive stalwarts like Derrick Favors and Steven Adams. The importance of a strong defensive presence in the middle can’t be ignored, especially with the dynamic offenses in today’s NBA.

The Pelicans ranked last in the league in opponent field goal percentage within five feet (68.5%) last season, 14th in opponents’ points in the paint (49.6) and 23rd in blocks per game (4.1). In the past, New Orleans has tried a defensive-minded approach at the center position. 

Turning to free agents like Bismack Biyombo or Serge Ibaka is not out of the question, especially because Jonas Valanciunas, the starting man in the middle for the last two years, is on an expiring contract this season.

Keys to a Championship

Building a championship team goes beyond individual brilliance. A holistic approach, balancing offense with a staunch defense, especially in the interior, is imperative for success.

Defensive Foundation is Crucial

A glaring example is how the Denver Nuggets clinched a championship last season. It’s evident that having a dominant defense in the paint remains a cornerstone for championship aspirations. New Orleans will need to address this to genuinely contend.

The Financial Puzzle

Behind the on-court plays, slam dunks, and three-pointers lies the complex world of NBA finances. For the Pelicans, maneuvering within these financial confines will be crucial to building a successful team.

Balancing the Books

Money matters. Currently, the Pelicans are $2.9 million over the tax line according to Spotrac. They have never paid the luxury tax in team history. With significant expiring contracts like Valanciunas and potential trades on the horizon, the team’s financial strategists have their work cut out for them. 


Zion Williamson joins Brandon Ingram as USA Basketball ...
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The journey of the New Orleans Pelicans in the upcoming NBA season is laden with anticipation and intrigue. This young team, laden with potential, is on the brink of what could be a transformative season. As every game unfolds, every strategy is deployed, and every player gives their best, the larger picture will start to emerge.

To Contend or Not?

The upcoming season will be pivotal for the Pelicans. The decisions they make off the court and the plays they run on it will determine their place in NBA history. While Zion Williamson remains their cornerstone, it’s the collective spirit, the amalgamation of offense and defense, and the sheer will to triumph that will make all the difference. 

Expectations are high, and rightfully so. Their trajectory will not only be dictated by their performances but also by how well they navigate challenges both on and off the court. Can they rise from being promising contenders? The arena awaits, the fans are hopeful, and the Pelicans have a date with destiny. 

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