No one wants to grow up to be a Gary Neville: Trent Alexander-Arnold

Trent Alexander-Arnold has insisted that the Liverpool backline is keen to change people’s perception about full-backs.

Normally, full-backs are seen as players who don’t provide too much of service to the attacking players.

But, Alexander-Arnold reckons that no defender in modern day football wants to be remembered as an out and out full back. 

Alexander-Arnold has been one of the leading players of Liverpool in terms of providing assists to the strikers despite playing in the full-back position on a regular basis this season.

The 21-year old had done a similar kind of job last season too and he has another fellow defender at Liverpool, Andrew Robertson, who also likes to play on the front foot.

Not only are these two defenders able to launch serious counter-attacks from the back to break the opposition's attack, they make sure they get themselves in the creative midfield position as quickly as possible when Liverpool is pressing the ball and the ball is in opposition’s half.

And while they do that, they never leave any room for the opposition to find loopholes in Liverpool’s defense. Whenever the game moves to Liverpool’s half, they are in the right position to clear the danger.

Their potency both as full backs, as well as attacking players going forward is the reason why Liverpool has proven to be such a difficult team to beat in the Premiership this season.

“As a pair, we want to change the way the position has previously been thought about. Obviously there was the famous saying 'no one wants to grow up to be a full-back or a Gary Neville.” Alexander-Arnold was quoted as saying by BT Sports.

“We want to bring in a different way of thinking and that's what we've been doing over the last 18 months.” Alexander-Arnold added.

Featured Image Credits: Liverpool FC

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