Jude Bellingham: Manchester City and Liverpool remain the only Contenders

Real Madrid reportedly will not sign any player this summer, which means City and Liverpool are the only two football clubs who remain in contention to sign Jude Bellingham.

Jude Bellingham has been the hottest footballing property in this transfer market. 

All the top football clubs in Europe are begging Bellingham to pen a signature for them. Liverpool, Manchester United,  Manchester City and Real Madrid are some of the participants racing for the 21-year-old English prodigy.

Jude Bellingham plays mature to his age. He has been a force of reckoning for Borrusia Dortmund this year. 

For the first time in six years, Dortmund has been sitting comfortably at the top spot of the Bundesliga. The young Birmingham lad has been an important part of the final attacking third for three lions in this FIFA World Cup.

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After enthralling the footballing world in World Cup, the demand for Bellingham is getting better and better day by day of which Dortmund is taking very good advantage of setting up the price of 120 million euros for the former Birmingham City player.

According to a Spanish football newspaper, MARCA Real Madrid will not sign any footballer in this summer transfer window. This means that there are only two horses left in the race. The arch-rivals Liverpool and Manchester City will go head to head and toe to toe to sign Bellingham.

Bellingham was seen jelling well with the likes of Henderson and Trent Alexander Arnold during the England camp. Recently Bellingham and Arnold are also seen enjoying a concert. Reportedly Jurgen Klopp and Steven Gerrard have also dialed up Bellingham several times to convince him to join Merseyside reds. Even Bellingham seems to be in agreement with his suitors as the world of football speculates on him joining Liverpool.

Dortmund is being as rigid as they can, at this moment as they want to mine as much money as they want from this transfer. There were also reports from some Journalists that Liverpool can't afford Bellingham which makes City the only contender to sign for. Although it's up to the player whether he wishes to join the club of Manchester or not.

The 19-year-old former Birmingham City player Jude Bellingham got recruited by Borrusia Dortmund in the year 2020. This is his third season at the German giants. He's been a focal point in the attacking third for Borussia Dortmund along with Reus, Haaland, and Sancho all these three seasons. He is a versatile player who fills in all the positions in the midfield.

The British prodigy is seen as the future star and is expected to be a major star for both the club and the country. Many football experts resemble him with Anfield legend Steven Gerrard. Even the player has never been shy in expressing his love and admiration towards the Scouse legend. Steven Gerrard himself has claimed that Jude is better than him at what he was at his age.

It is up to the player to take this ever-important decision in his career. Jude Bellingham is expected to join any of the clubs in the Premier League. Only time will answer whether he will choose to stay in Dortmund or will he return to his birthland.

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