Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan: Top 5 Iconic Matches

The Lee-Lin badminton rivalry transcended the confines of the court, captivating fans worldwide and elevating the sport to new heights. With Lee Chong Wei's retirement and Lin Dan nearing the twilight of his career, we reflect on five unforgettable matches that defined their legendary rivalry. From intense showdowns on the world stage to moments of mutual respect, these matches encapsulate the essence of their competitive spirit and friendship beyond the badminton court.

(5) 2011 World Championship Final (London)

Lin Dan Says He'll Only Retire If Lee Chong Wei Decides To Hang His Racquet  For Good | RojakDaily
Lin Dan (R) vs Lee Chong Wei (L) (Credit: BWF)

The 2011 World Championship Final in London stands as a testament to the fierce competition between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan. With Lee initially seizing the lead, spectators anticipated a thrilling showdown. However, Lin's unwavering determination and skill propelled him to a hard-earned victory with a scoreline of 20-22, 21-14, 23-21. This match showcased the relentless spirit of both athletes and set the stage for their future encounters.


(4) 2012 Olympic Final (London)

File:Mens Singles Badminton Final, London 2012 (7758890090).jpg - Wikipedia
Lin Dan (R) vs Lee Chong Wei (L) (Credit: Wikipedia)

Continuing their saga at the 2012 Olympic Final in London's Wembley Arena, Lin Dan once again emerged victorious with a score of 15-21, 21-10, 21-19. Despite Lee Chong Wei's lead in the deciding game, Lin's resilience proved decisive, leading to a heartbreaking defeat for Lee, who faced criticism and labeled a 'choker' after the match.


(3) 2013 World Championship Final (Guangzhou)

Lin Dan wins Olympic final rematch over injured Lee[5]-
Lin Dan (R) vs Lee Chong Wei (L) (Credit: China Daily)

The 2013 World Championship Final in Guangzhou took an unexpected turn when Lee Chong Wei was forced to retire due to cramps, handing Lin Dan another World title. Despite the anticlimactic ending, this match underscored the mutual respect shared between the players and their fans. Amidst the competitive atmosphere, both athletes exemplified sportsmanship, acknowledging each other's talents and embracing the spirit of fair play with a score of 21-16, 13-21, 17-21.

(2) 2016 Badminton Asia Championship Semi-Final (Wuhan)

Lin Dan vs Lee Chong Wei: how badminton's great rivalry was born - Global  Times
Lin Dan (R) vs Lee Chong Wei (L) (Credit: Global Times)

A big tournament would certainly help in the preparations. Lee had won just 2 of their last 7 matches but turned it around here and how. Lee won the first game 22-20, even though he was trailing 14-18 at one stage. Though Lin won the second game 21-15, it was clear that he was not at his best and the Malaysian went for the kill. The third game saw a stunning display of badminton from Lee, as he thrashed Lin 21-4 and made the multiple-time World Champion look like a novice. Lin was simply unable to catch up with Lee’s pace during the 3rd game. Malaysian supporters hoped that this was a sign of things to come before the Olympics, and how true would that turn out to be.

(1) 2016 Olympic Semi-Final (Rio)

Epic Lin-Lee showpiece ends up with no loser[6]-
Lin Dan (L) vs Lee Chong Wei (R) (Credit: China Daily)

The final showdown between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan at the 2016 Olympic Semi-Final in Rio captivated fans worldwide. After a back-and-forth battle, Lee finally triumphed with a score of 15-21, 21-11 and 22-20 in the deciding game, marking his first Olympic victory over Lin Dan and immortalizing their rivalry in badminton history.

As we reminisce about the top five matches between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan, it's evident that their rivalry has left an indelible mark on badminton history. Beyond the scores and titles, their battles epitomize the true spirit of sportsmanship, resilience, and camaraderie. As these two legends of the game transition into new chapters of their lives, their legacy continues to inspire generations of badminton enthusiasts worldwide.

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