The Fury boxing legacy is on the line in the latter stages of 2023

The Fury brothers are one of the most famous families in the history of boxing. There's a long history of professional boxers within their family tree, but at present, two specific fighters dominate the headlines at levels of the sport. 

One Fury is a world heavyweight champion and is foreseen by many to potentially end his career as the greatest and most dominant boxer of all time. The other began his professional career immaculately with a 100% win record but has now gone on to sign his rights to Misfits Boxing - a sub-professional promoter that pits popular online stars against each other. 

Both brothers have vital tasks to perform this year against opponents that vary significantly in their skill sets and reputations. 

Tommy Fury vs. KSI

Tommy Fury is very much an up-and-coming fighter when compared to his older brother, Tyson. He has, of course, gone down a much different route in the early stages of his career with his Misfits collaboration. However, his upcoming fight could present the toughest battle of his career in influencer boxing so far. According to the outright markets for Tommy Fury v KSI betting, the former is the -400 favorite to continue his winning streak on the promotion. 

His opponent, KSI, is known as one of the heavy hitters in the Misfits boxing scene. So far, he's beaten Logan Paul - the older brother of Jake Paul, who created a tough contest against Fury earlier this year. 

It's likely that Fury's expertise in the ring should mean that he's not really in any danger. Ultimately, his jab alone should keep the Watford-born fighter at bay and allow him to dictate the spacing between the pair. 

The younger Fury brother will likely look to tire his opponent from the offset and go for a knockout blow when fatigue kicks in. If KSI maintains his guard and looks to go the distance, then a win on points for Fury should be a formality. 

Tommy Fury simply must continue his domination of the influencer boxing scene to avoid embarrassment as a long-term professional. There's little doubt that he'll succeed against KSI, but on the off chance that he falls short, the repercussions would be devastating for his and the Fury family's overall legacy.

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk

Tyson Fury will take part in one of the biggest fights in boxing history. He and Oleksandr Usyk will face off in a winner-takes-all contest to determine the first-ever undisputed champion of the heavyweight division, which will likely take place on December 23rd. 

Like his brother, Tyson will also have the edge in the contest for similar reasons. His height advantage means he can control the distance between himself and Usyk in the ring. Essentially, he can avoid being put under pressure by continuous blows. 

Tyson is fighting for huge rewards - a win would hand him all five belts and award him an undeniable claim of being the greatest heavyweight ever. He'll first have to navigate a warm-up fight against Francis Ngannou, but it will surely represent a routine triumph with his opponent being a boxing debutant. 

The two Fury brothers both have important tasks to perform at the latter end of 2023. Tommy will have to avoid any slip-ups as it would be catastrophic for his career to lose against an amateur fighter. Tyson, meanwhile, has the chance to conquer the boxing world for eternity if he wins his bout against Usyk.

The Fury name is one of the most famous in boxing and Tyson has the chance to perhaps make it the biggest name in history by becoming the first five-belt undisputed champion.

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