Top 10 English clubs with highest average attendance in 2023-24 season

In Football, the F comes first and it is in capital which is not a coincidence but it is by design as the F in football stands for Fans who are the life and soul of the beautiful game, or any team based sport for that matter. The English are especially passionate about their footy which is deeply engrained in their culture and carries a much deeper significance than just 22 men running around a rectangular pitch for about 90 minutes. It is a way of life for many and they religiously throng to the stadiums to watch and support their teams  week in week out without fail.

They also help out the club financially through match tickets, gift shops, potential target for broadcasting and in ground sponsors along with the fact that they end being the 12th man who on many a days can make or break a tense match by virtue of their presence alone.

The English footballing pyramid is blessed with a good number of stadiums that create an electrifying atmosphere with the presence of passionate fans from the very top right down to Sunday League. Let us find out who has made the most noise this time around.

10. Chelsea – 39,663 (Stamford Bridge)

Stamford Bridge the home of Chelsea | Around The Grounds
Credit - Chelsea Football Club

Although Chelsea are not at their very best and could realistically finish in, the bottom half of the table, the Stamford Bridge has still seen the Blues’ fans rock the stadium in huge numbers. They registered an average attendance of 39,663 during the 2023-24 campaign. Chelsea are planning to re-design the stadium and increase the capacity  of their stadium to 60,000. However, it will still take some time to reach those numbers.

9. Sunderland – 40,412 (Stadium of Light)

More Than 45,000 Fans Are At Stadium Of Light For Sunderland's League One Game
Credit - SportBible

Sunderland have witnessed an average of 40,412 fans flock to the Stadium of Light to cheer for the team. This has greatly proved to be the support of the team and helped create an atmosphere in the Championship, managing to reach the playoffs and this bunch of passionate fans could be the final push the black cats could need to reach the Premier League soon. They are however not having the best of the campaigns despite the passionate support. They are languishing at number 11 in the points table.

8. Aston Villa – 41,783 (Villa Park)

Villa announce official partnership with Football Development Centre | AVFC
Credit - Aston Villa Official

Unai Emery’s team have been superb at home and have made Villa Park their fortress. They have one of the best record of home wins this season. One of the main reasons for this feat is an average of 41,873 passionate fans flocking to Villa Park each and every week to be the twelfth man of Aston Villa.

7. Newcastle United – 52,155 (St. James’ Park)

St James' Park, Newcastle | Newcastle United v West Ham Unit… | Flickr
Credit - Newcastle United Official

One of the most iconic venues in the Premier League is St. James’ Park. It has seen an average of 52,155 fans flock to the stadium and be staunch supporters of the team every week. The atmosphere is crazier this season since the entertainers under Kevin Keegan as Newcastle United played in the UEFA Champions League this season. Fans are delighted with the resurgence of their team after being their during the toughest of times before their takeover and are going in numbers to support them to take them to the next level.

6. Manchester City – 53,194 (Etihad Stadium)

Etihad Stadium - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor
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Manchester City are definitely one of the best team in England for quite some time. Hence, the fans and neutrals alike are going to turn out in large numbers to the Etihad to witness to the spectacular display of football from Pep Guardiola’s side  with their bare eyes in real time. Even this season, the stadium has seen an average of 53,194 fans per week supporting one of the most dominant team in England in Premier League history.

5. Liverpool – 54,287 (Anfield)

Liverpool set for record attendance vs. Burnley after new Anfield Road End  update - Liverpool FC - This Is Anfield
Credit - Anfield Official

Anfield possibly has the best atmosphere in the whole of England as it is a guarantee that You Never Walk Alone. The fans at Anfield create an atmosphere that strikes fear into the hearts of the opponents. An average of 54,287 Liverpool fans have moved to the Anfield to support Liverpool in the Premier League.

4. Arsenal – 60,213 (Emirates Stadium)

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Arsenal under Mikel Arteta are up and for the first time in years this late in the season are in hunt for the league title. The team is playing a brand of football that has left even the mastermind of  our previous entry in awe and has the potential to go all the way in the near future and that potential excites their fanbase which reflects in their numbers. An average of 60,213 Arsenal fans are going to the Emirates Stadium each week to support the north London giants.

3. Tottenham – 61,523 (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium)

Tottenham's new stadium hosts first game - myKhel
Credit - Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The giant spaceship of a stadium that is Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, opened their gates for the general public in 2019 which boasts of a capacity of 62,850. An average of 61,523 Tottenham fans have travelled to the stadium each week to witness their team hit the ground under Big Ange. The team is currently sitting 5th in the Premier League points table.

2. West Ham United – 62,433 (London Stadium)

West Ham United's London Stadium to be RENAMED, following deal with  financial company: report | FourFourTwo
Credit - London Stadium

An average of 62,433 fans make the journey to to the London Stadium to watch the Hammers play this season. They are surely  without any smither of a doubt one of the best-supported teams in the Premier League this season and has been in general for quite a while now. 

West Ham United are currently 7th in the Premier League points table. However, the fans will hope that West Ham United players will give them something more to look forward having already won their first continental trophy by bringing the conference league trophy home under David Moyes. The next step is to reward these passionate fans with a cup run and bring it home at the London Stadium.

1. Manchester United – 73,523 (Old Trafford)

Old Trafford - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (2024) - Tripadvisor
Credit - Manchester United

Manchester United are going through a rough time both on and off the field over the past few years. However, that has not stopped the United fans from thronging the iconic Old Trafford and supporting their beloved Red Devils. They have had the best attendance in the Premier League this season. An average of 73,523 fans have travelled to the Old Trafford to watch Manchester United play.

Cover Credits - Aston Villa Official

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