Ways for the Golden State Warriors to address roster issues

The Warriors have tried different starting lineup combinations this season due to injuries, suspensions and performance issues. Experimenting with starting lineups did not work in their favor, as can be seen from their position in the standings. Not long ago, the Warriors were champions with a starting lineup that included Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green and Kevon Looney. But this season the results with this squad are not impressive. The old guard is no longer capable of delivering wins, and that's becoming clear to head coach Steve Kerr. This is reflected in the quotes of the bookmaker Mostbet live. The question is, what to do in such a situation? Let's look at a few solutions that head coach Kerr should consider to turn things around.

Andrew Wiggins. Ways for the Warriors to address roster issues
Andrew Wiggins (Credit - NBA Official)

Andrew Wiggins is too bad for the team to remain in the rotation

The epic decline in Wiggins' play over the past two years has been staggering. Before the start of the All-Star Game, he went from a key player to one of the league's most ineffective. Among the 141 players who have played enough minutes to count on Basketball-Reference's leaderboard, Wiggins ranks 140th in field goal percentage (46.5%). While he once showed defensive ability by stopping Luka Doncic in the playoffs, that's nearly impossible now. His playmaking ability has plummeted, especially in off-ball defense.

This season, the Warriors have given up as much as 150 points in minutes played with Wiggins. In second place with a negative score is Kevon Looney at -64, further highlighting the gap between Wiggins' negative contribution and the rest of the team's players. Steve Kerr knows it's time for a change. He had already removed Wiggins from the starting lineup in mid-December, but gave him another chance on January 7. However, the Warriors were defeated 133–118. The team can no longer rely on Wiggins to turn things around in games. It is important to at least temporarily exclude him from the rotation.

More time for Jonathan Kuminga

It's time for Kuminga to get more chances. The decisions Kerr made regarding Kuminga's time on court raised serious doubts about his confidence. This situation became so tense that the team owner, Joe Lacob, went to a press conference, wanting to understand the logic of limiting playing time for a player. Kuminga has the potential to be one of the Warriors' leading guards, but his inconsistent shooting and questionable ball handling indicate he needs to play in a specific lineup where his shortcomings won't be as noticeable.

Playing alongside Wiggins, who has also faced similar struggles, will only magnify those issues. Their simultaneous presence on the site becomes a real disaster. A simple solution would be to give Kuminga more opportunities to play instead of Wiggins. It's in these situations that the Warriors have shown their strengths, posting an impressive +9.1 rating.

More time for Moses Moody

Moses Moody should also be given more opportunities on the court. His limited participation in Warriors games raises questions, and it's unclear why that's happening. Since Christmas, he has received less than six minutes in five of the team's last seven games, including three missed minutes. There are rumors of his frustration with the way he is being used under Kerr. The situation became so tense that the crowd applauded him when he finally took the court at the end of one game against the Pistons.

With Chris Paul's left hand injured, Moody should get more time on the court. At least that was the case Sunday, when he scored 21 points in 22 minutes on the court. Moody has proven to be one of the Warriors' most efficient shooters, posting decent 3-point percentage (34.7%) and overall shooting efficiency (48.5%). He is also a versatile defender, ready to take over offensive duties and help on defense. He just needs to get more playing time.

Opportunities for Trace Jackson-Davis and Brandin Podziemski

The active play-by-play of Trace Jackson-Davis and Brandin Podziemski is one of Kerr's approaches that deserves praise. He is not afraid to entrust responsibility to young players. Jackson-Davis, a great rookie who was taken second overall in the draft. He shows great athleticism and talent, although his shooting still needs improvement.

Podziemski fits well with the Warriors' style of play. He is a versatile defender who brings rebounding, offense, good shooting and energy to the team. It's a time of change for the Warriors. It's time for a change, and Kerr needs to move away from the veterans who are used to winning. Kerr has difficult decisions to make. There are a lot of young talents in the team who need to show that they are capable of more.  

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