Which school did Simone Biles go to as a kid?

Olympic legend Simone Biles is not only a world-esteemed gymnast but also a proud holder of a business administration degree from the University of the People. Her journey to this triumph is as inspiring as her gymnastics career, marked by dedication, strategic decisions, and an unbeatable commitment to her dreams.

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In her early years, Biles attended Benfer Elementary School in Harris County, Texas. Nevertheless, her path differed from the traditional classroom setting when she reached middle school. Realizing the increasing expectations of her gymnastics training, Biles and her family made the decision to switch to home-schooling. This move was important as it allowed her to increase her training hours substantially, from 20 to 32 per week. This additional training time was instrumental in honing her skills and pushing her closer to her goal of becoming an elite gymnast.

Reflecting on her home-schooling experience, Biles shared with the Wall Street Journal in July 2021, “In that aspect, going to public school, hanging out with friends, going to school dances. I was home-schooled. I really didn’t get to do any of that. But I also feel like at the end of the day I got to travel and represent the country so I really don’t think I’ve missed out on too much.” This statement encompasses the compromises she made, but also highlights the unique opportunities her path dispensed.

Biles' high school journey concluded with her receiving a diploma in 2015. Before this, in November 2014, she had signed a letter of intent to attend UCLA, signifying her desire to pursue higher education. Nevertheless, her gymnastics career was on a swift climb. To focus wholely on her preparation for the 2016 Rio Olympics, Biles made a decision to delay college. In 2015, she turned professional, a move that ended her NCAA eligibility but opened up various professional opportunities in the world of gymnastics.

Simone Biles: Balancing Education and Gymnastics to Achieve Greatness

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The decision to turn pro proved fruitful as Biles dominated the 2016 Rio Olympics, winning four gold medals and one bronze. After her success at the Olympics, she took a well-earned rest from gymnastics to rest and recharge. During this period, Biles turned her attention back to education, choosing to enroll in an online business administration degree program at the University of the People.

The University of the People is a distinctive institution. As a non-profit, it offers tuition-free education, although there is a minimal fee for exams. This model makes higher education accessible to many who might otherwise be unable to afford it. For Biles, this flexibility was key, allowing her to balance her studies with her gymnastics commitments going alongside.

Biles' choice to pursue a business degree was driven by her passion to prepare for life beyond gymnastics. She understood the significance of having a solid educational foundation and the doors it could open for her in the future. Balancing her studies with her training was no small feat, but Biles approached it with the same determination and discipline that she brings to gymnastics.

In the years following her Rio success, Biles has continued to compete at the highest levels, all while completing her degree. Her capability to manage both is an evidence to her extraordinary work ethic and time management skills. She has not only excelled in her sport but also represented the value of education and the significance of planning for the future.

Simone Biles’ journey is a powerful reminder that with resilience, strategic choices, and hard work, it is possible to achieve greatness in multiple areas of life. Her story is an inspiration to young athletes and students alike, proving that pursuing one's passion does not mean sacrificing education. Instead, it is about finding a balance and making the right decisions to ensure success both in and out of the sporting arena.

Biles continues to be a role model, showing that the pursuit of excellence is a lifelong journey, one that includes continuous learning and growth. As she looks towards future competitions and new challenges, she does so with a strong educational background and a wealth of experience that will serve her well in all her endeavors without any shadow of doubt.

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