Who Are The Top 3 Earners At Barcelona In 2024 ?

The Catalan Giants have been in the news over the past couple of years or so due to their financial fiasco they have undergone and are still going through. That includes pulling a lot of levers and selling of key assets to private ventures in order to reduce their debt and stay competitive and afloat. 

This systematic problem did end up reaching the players and many of their superstars had to either take substantial pay cuts, deferred salaries or have put pen to paper on amortized contracts or have signed on largely reduced terms than they would have otherwise during the modern history of the club so as to somewhat mitigate the financial burdens to a certain extent. 

FC Barcelona - Top 3 earners at Barcelona in 2024.
FC Barcelona (Credits- La Liga)

But despite all of their monetary woes off the pitch as well as a less than perfect current season up until now as of this date, their are some superstars  who still earn bank with regards to what they take home and today we are going to have a look at their top 3 earners for as of 2024.

3) Ilkay Gundogan 

Ilkay Gundogan - One of the top earners at Barcelona in 2024.
Gundogan (Credits - FC Barcelona Official) 

In third place we have former Borrusia Dortmund and Manchester City Star and  the current captain of the German National Men's football team Ilkay Gundogan. He shock many of City fans and neutral fans alike had made the shock decision to  join the Spanish giants at that time as a free transfer. He has been the case with many of their transfers signing out of contract players to strike clever deals and avoiding paying any transfer fees upfront. 

Although this hasn't been a complete freebie as the German Midfield virtuoso has a gross salary of $387,878 per week, while the salary that he takes home is a pretty respectable amount of $186,182 per week. 

This  may seem a significant amount, but is completely justified as Barca needs stellar on field Performances to get themselves out of their financial slump and Ilkay has been doing a great good in helping that cause by  belting out consistent performances week in week out. The German, who also has a $430.2 million release clause, will become a free agent in June 2025. 

2)Robert Lewandowski 

Robert Lewandowski - One of the top earners at Barcelona in 2024.
Robert Lewandowski - (Credits - FC Barcelona Official)

Next up we have one of the most recognized out and out Strikers in the 2010s and arguably the greatest Polish professional footballer in their  modern Footballing history. Robert Lewandowski is best known for his team in the German Bundesliga initially with dortmund  and later on going to score almost a goal a game in over 375 appearances  for Bayern Munich. 

Lewandowski went on to sign for the Blaugrana from Bayern Munich in a €45 million ($48.46 million) deal in the summer of 2022. He has signed a four-year contract with the club and did reasonably well in his first season but has had a significant drop of form for the high standards that he usually delivers. Robert had signed a four-year contract with the club, and will receive around $42 million in wages if he stays at Camp Nou for the duration of his contract along with having a  $500 million+ release clause for the 35 year old. 

1) Frenkie de Jong

Frenkie de Jong - One of the top earners at Barcelona in 2024.
Frenkie de Jong (Credit - FC Barcelona Official)

One of the biggest testament  of FC Barcelona  handing out obscene contracts has to be that of one of the main men of the Ajax dream team that reached the CL Final a few years ago and current Dutch Midfield general currently earning  a gross(pun intended)salary of $775,757 per week. 

What he takes with him is a whopping $372,363/week which is surely a sign of financial recklessness even though he is one of the most recognized  faces at the club  but those wages coupled with the fact that  he joined from Ajax for a €86 million ($92.6 million) fee in July 2019 means that the actual cost incurred by the club cannot be quantifiable .

Cover Credits- FC Barcelona Official 

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