Who will win Group C at the 2024 Copa America: Preview

The 2024 America's Cup will last from June 20 to July 14 this year. The tournament will take place in the United States of America. In total, 16 national teams take part in the competition, which is divided into four groups. The teams that take the first two places will advance to the playoffs from each quartet.

The following national teams will compete to win in Group C: Uruguay, USA, Bolivia, and Panama. In order to be more likely to predict who will be first in the quartet, you should study the form of each of the warring parties.

Copa America
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Marcelo Bielsa's team played their last six official matches as part of the World Cup qualification. After a confident home victory over Chile, the Uruguayans lost minimally to Ecuador on the road, and also signed a peace agreement with Colombia. Then the “heavenly Olympians” defeated Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia in turn. Having scored seven goals in these battles, the Charrúas did not concede a single goal in response.

The Uruguay national team has a strong squad and the Sky Blues look excellent in terms of performance. There are no authorities for the “charruas” and this team is capable of defeating anyone. So this Latin American team can not only aim for victory in the group, but also try to win the 16th America's Cup in the history of the country.


Gregg Berhalter's guys have played three matches since January. First, the Americans faced Trinidad and Tobago in the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Nations League. In the home match, the Stars and Stripes defeated the opponent thanks to accurate shots from Pepi, Robinson and Reina after the 80th minute. In Port of Spain, the Yankees scored first, but lost minimally, but made it to the semifinals. In a friendly match with Slovenia, the United States suffered a minimal dry defeat.

The Stars and Stripes are not showing particularly stable results, but they are able to tune in to a specific match and impose a fight on even quite formidable opponents. It will be difficult for “Team USA” to take first place in the quartet, but this team will try to compete for the playoffs. If you want to place bets on the America's Cup 2024 and earn money, we recommend making them on the website


Antonio Carlos Zago's boys looked extremely unconvincing in October and November during the World Cup qualifiers. After minimal defeats from Ecuador and Paraguay, Bolivia managed to defeat Peru at home thanks to Vaca's double. Then the Greens in Montevideo were defeated by Uruguay.

The Bolivian national team has never shone on the international stage and this time we can hardly expect serious competition from this team. The Greens will try to give the group favorites a fight, but it will be extremely difficult to do so.


In 2023, Thomas Christiansen's team was able to reach the final of the Gold Cup, where they lost to Mexico in a bitter struggle in the last minutes. In the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Nations League, the Canalers defeated Costa Rica home and away. Having scored six goals in these confrontations, the Red Tide conceded only one goal in response. It should also be added that Panama has not lost in six official matches in a row.

“Red Tide” is the “dark horse” of this group and may well surprise. The Panamanian footballers are unlikely to be able to create problems for group favorite Uruguay, but the “canalizers” can spoil the nerves of the United States and Bolivia. So you shouldn’t underestimate Anibal Godoy and his partners at all.

Our forecast

Bolivia can be noted as the main outsider in this group and you should not expect any special achievements from this national team. The USA and Panama will most likely compete for second place in the quartet, and the advantage here should be given to the Stars and Stripes due to their stronger lineup. Uruguay, according to bookmakers, is the favorite to take first place and it is absolutely deserved. Uruguay, according to bookmakers, is the favorite to take first place and it is absolutely deserved. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to prevent the “heavenly Olympians” from reaching the top of the standings.

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