Why are prop bets the best choice for the Olympic Games?

The XXXIII Olympiad is only a couple of months away and everyone involved in the Paris 2024 Games is in a rush to have everything ready for the biggest event in the world of sports. Bookmakers across the globe, including some of the best Indian gambling platforms and Indian betting apps, are also participating in this ultimate celebration of sporting events. They are preparing for a big wave of bettors who are generally very fond of the Olympics and they like to test their skills and knowledge on their ability to make wise predictions. 

Betting on the Olympics is exciting and enticing for several reasons. First of all, the Olympics is an event held every four years, which means that punters don’t have a lot of opportunities to wager on sports and markets concerning the Games. There is much anticipation and eagerness involved, especially as they have the chance to back their favorite countries, teams, or athletes only once every four years.

Second, Olympic betting has much to do with pride, national identity, and support for one’s culture and country. In most cases, punters who bet on the Olympics will choose to back their country for winning a lot of medals or support an athlete from their nation to stand up on the podium. It’s that kind of national pride that comes off when bettors decide to wager on the Olympic Games. 

Third, betting on the Olympic Games is nothing like betting on any other sports competition. It is an event that comprises so many different sports, in which countries from all around the world are participating, that it makes it rather complex and compelling at the same time. Paris 2024 will have 32 different sports! This means unlimited opportunities for betting markets and hence, unlimited opportunities for wagers. 

But just as exciting as betting on the Olympics can be, it can also be challenging and difficult. That’s mostly because bettors have no substantial data and information upon which they can base their choices in order to place educated bets. 

Of course, there are players’ stats, and teams’ performances but it’s a whole different thing when they are coming to the Games to compete with other players and teams from all over the world. Sometimes, bettors can’t find even data on previous meetings between players and teams, because there is such data available. Added to this, it is the national pride that we mentioned earlier that gets in the way of decision-making, something which makes betting an even more complicated matter. 

To address these challenges all bookmakers, including every Indian sports betting application or online casino in Malaysia, put a lot of emphasis on prop bets. Proposition bets, which are known for their fun nature and more playful character, are actually incredibly popular in Olympic betting. 

Prop betting can make betting on the Olympics more interesting for punters, especially since it is difficult to obtain some sort of edge over the house. Wagering on things like a country winning over a specific number of gold medals, on head-to-head count on medals between nations, or even on athletes managing to break their personal records is a lot more fun and entertaining than trying to predict which team is going to win a sport or which country will be the outright winner of the entire event. 

With prop betting, punters don’t have to worry about making more accurate and precise predictions. Of course, making good calls matters a lot, but prop bets are on their own a more loose approach to sports wagering and offer a more relaxed perspective on betting, which is extremely suitable for the case of Olympic Games betting, where everything is fluid. 

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