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SPORTCO will use Ethereum mainnet to create Community Reward Program, and peer to peer content. The technology is capable of handling several million sports community fans engaged throughout the world.


SPORTCO will deploy Artificial Intelligence in sports industry to increase data analysis to facilitate in sports training & performance, ticketing, and statistical analysis.


SPORTCO will provide custom built interfaces for mobile games, predictors, live scores and other social media platforms. Our UI and UX will be tuned to provide to provide unique fan engagement and experience.


We have the skills, expertise, platforms and passion
to drive SPORTCO to create a new sport digital eco-system.


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Experienced Team

Existing Sports Producers & Services Platforms

Multiple Sports, Geographies & Communities as SPORTCO Global Club

Sports Tournament & Peer-Peer Contests

Experience with Strong Sports Communities

Multiple Procedures, Games, Services & Features

AI, AR & SWARM Technologies

Professional Athletes and Brand Ambassadors

sportco team

Having a collective business experience of over 200 years, our team has the drive, experience and what it takes to bring an idea to life and make a business successful.


Anuj Sharma


Anuj is the founder and CEO of Sportco, SportsWizz Limited, and Abacus (Seychelles) Limited. Earning his PGDM from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad in Marketing, Finance, and Business Management, Anuj has over 25 years of experience across sports media, financial services and technology industries. Previously, he served as a principal consultant and head of the Retail & CPG Domain team at Infosys Technologies Ltd. As an entrepreneur, he has brought these three essential components together to envision the Sportco eco-system using token economy based on blockchain technology.

Phiroze Mogrelia


Phiroze is both the COO and a Senior Advisor for Sportco, with experience leading different teams across the globe. Receiving his Master of Science in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia, he expanded his knowledge in the technical underpinnings of digital currency and now advises Sportco on how to strategically grow its international footprint. Before Sportco, Phiroze served as the Global Head of Lending and Liquidity Solutions, Products and Solutions, and Private Banking International at ABN AMRO Bank.

Michael Serres


Michael is CTO and Head of Market Analytics for Sportco. He is co-founder at Blockleo Bitfolios, a news, insights and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and formerly Head of Digital for Asia Pacific at Manulife and at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. Michael holds a joint BSc in Maths and Computer Science from University of East Anglia in the United Kingdom and speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Italian.

Amrinder Singh Mallhi

Product Development

Along with spearheading product development at Sportco, Amrinder serves as the product head at SportsWizz League, where he heads the design and development of digital media products for the company. With extensive experience in technology product design and development, he was also the co-founder and product head of OneMedCrew Pvt. Ltd. While serving those roles, Amrinder designed, developed and launched a mobile digital health solution platform that leveraged technology to provide continuous care for people with Diabetes.

Devang Prasad

Content Development

Devang is a content and communications professional with skills particularly in content marketing, social media, journalism, and research methods. Having graduated with a Bachelors of Arts from University of California, Berkeley in interdisciplinary field studies, Devang worked at Floh as a community manager and eventually moved on to serving as the content and community manager for SportsWizz League.

Manpreet Singh

Technology Development

Manpreet has over 8-years experience in development, mentoring, and managing mobile applications. An expert on iOS development using Objective-C and Swift programming languages, interfacing web service APIs, JSON and other third party libraries, Manpreet has extensive exposure in delivering software solutions to Retail, Real Estate, HealthCare, Financial, and Education sectors.

Rajiv Saini

Server and Applications Admin

A seasoned software professional and systems architect, Rajiv worked in the Information Technology domain for over 28-years, including 6-years in the USA. Receiving his PGD in Operations Management from Indira Gandhi National Open University, Rajiv previously worked at Shunya Computing Lab as a systems architect. He moved on to serve as CTO at deazy and CIO at SportsWizz League before joining Sportco as the Server and Applications Admin.

Hans Madhoo

Finance & Accounting

A fellow of the ACCA and member of the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants (MIPA), Hans is currently the Finance Manager for one of the leading global businesses in Seychelles. Hans has more than four years of experience in global business as well as extensive audit and assurance knowledge in various sectors. Serving as an audit at KPMG and Deloitte for more than 6 years, Hans looks over accounting and CDD for Sportco.

Selveena Samy

Corporate & Admin

Selveena has over 7 years of experience in Corporate Administration, Sales and Marketing, and Business Development. Graduating with a M.A. in Communication and Public Relations, and a BSC in Political Science, she is also a team member of Cryptec, an ICO Service Provider.

George Giaglis

Lead Advisor

Since 2012, George has been involved in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies space, helping set up the world’s first academic degree on blockchain at the University of Nicosia. He currently serves there as the Director of the Institute for the Future and leads a team of scientists and researchers working on technologies that will shape the world of tomorrow and their implications for our societies and economy: blockchain,artificial intelligence, augmented & virtual reality, autonomous vehicles, robotics and the internet of things. George has also been a professor at Athens University of Business and Economics for 16 years, researching and teaching on blockchain, fintech and the future of commerce. A published author with more than 10 books and 150 pages, George advises Sportco in many crucial areas in blockchain implementation.

Theodosis Mourouzis

Business & Tokenomics Advisor

Theodosis (Theo) is a cryptologist and information security professional, serving as a research Fellow at the University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies and Programme Director of the MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at the Cyprus International Institute of Management (CIIM). Previously involved in advisory roles to more than 20 I{C,T}Os, Theo has extensive consultancy and advisory experience in information security, cryptography, blockchain implementation, and data analytics. Additionally, he is the recipient of the 1st award in the UK Cyber Cipher Security Challenge in 2013 and has represented Cyprus four times in Balkan & International competitions in Mathematics.

Dmitry Fedotov

Advisor of Strategy and Business Development

With over 15 years of experience in Asia-Pacific tech sector, Dmitry is a frequent speaker on artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, autonomous transportation, and digital distribution. Passionate about innovation, Dmitry established first technology startup as a freshman at the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany). While still a student he managed to convince Vodafone and Motorola to grant him equipment and resources to develop a GSM-based triangulation solution for logistics optimization. In 2011 Dmitry established Multichannel Group: first universal digital marketing platform with integrated dashboard built to optimize ad management, provide suggestions, and improve spending on marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Malika Jivan

Corporate Advisor

Malika is an international tax and accounting professional with over 10 years of experience in legal and financial due diligence, investment advisory, tax planning and company law. Serving as the Director of Abacus Seychelles Limited, she has worked with one of the big 4 global consulting firms and specializes in structuring for the Indian ocean regions.

Juan Carlos Báguena

Sports & Training Advisor

With over 30 years of experience in the Sports World, Juan is a tennis coach and former professional tennis player from Spain. He specializes in sports management, coaching, and marketing strategy.

Ben Acheson

Investment Advisor

Ben has 20 years of business experience, with an extensive knowledge in digital marketing, investment, and technology. Receiving his B.A. in Business Studies, Business, and Management and IT from The Open University, he currently serves as the CEO of Skyline Startups, raising investment and delivering growth through SEO and digital marketing. He also acts as a digital marketing consultant and trainer for The Digital Garage, ,providing free training from Google to hundreds of people across the UK. Ben’s strong track record of investment in and promotion of successful businesses is matched only by his international reputation for helping startups to grow.

Jon Ching

Asia Market Advisor

Jon serves as the Marketing Advisor for Sportco’s Asian markets, applying his expertise in business development, marketing, and strategy. With eight years of experience in the financial sector, he was a former General Manager for Tradeslide Trading Technologies Limited and lead the team to win the IUIA Start-Up competition in 2015. He then joined Infinox Capital as Head of PR & Marketing for their South Asia & China business unit, where he was responsible for devising marketing and portfolio strategy across Infinox capital's brands.

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"Sportco has the same idea to create a community for sports fans and when your fan engagement is so big you get tokens you can buy merchandise and it's a win-win situation. Not only clubs but also media and big sponsors. Nowadays, fans get taken seriously, they have a route into football." - Bryan Roy   




FINCAP is a leading Financial and Leval firm. SportCo has partnered with FINCAP to develop structures Capital Appreciation plan.

SportsWizz League

Team of technology, product and sports content developers. Provides sports products and services needed using appropriate technologies to SportCo.


TechFinancials is a leading Fintech firm in Europe. SportCo is partnering with TechFinancials to keep evolving and integrating the Token exchange and trade platforms.

Blockchain Tech Team

We work with Blockchain Tech Team to set standards and create platforms to provide the Blockchain and Token technology.

Token Target

Token Target is a team of professionals with strong backgrounds in the fintech, finance, investment banking and crypto currencies sectors. Their mission is to help initial coin offerings and token sales brands achieve their desired capital funding and expand their coin and token value.

Pil Animation

Pil Animation was founded in 1998 by award winning animator and director, Sharon Gazit, who acts as the Creative Director and co-CEO. Their animated projects have won multiple awards worldwide and have met the needs of top companies, corporations, ad & production agencies and start-ups in the Israeli and global market.


NMORE Group is an established technological company based in Cyprus. It sets out to achieve a crucial challenge of bringing all modern digital advances to improve working potential and efficiency of its clients. NMORE provides a variety of IT services and solutions to its partners and clients.

sports ambassadors


tim de leede

kncb cricket halden

"This is a new era for sports fans. People watch sports not when it's on but when they have time, and through platforms like Sportco they can share their views and read background information from sports lovers all around the world."

Tim de Leede is a former Dutch cricketer, who had a long One Day International career of 11 years for the Dutch national team. A right-handed all-rounder, he played for the Netherlands at 1996, 2003, and 2007 World Cups. After his retirement in 2007 he started a coaching career and in 2015 was appointed as the head coach of the France national cricket team.

Tim de Leede is recorded in KNCB (Netherlands Cricket Association) Hall of Fame.

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tennis player and coach

"Sports is an industry that is motivated by passion, by both players and fans, and Sportco's platform takes it to the next step. The project was aided by brilliant technology that reached maturity, and I was very sympathized with the idea that in essence put the sports fans in the center. I see the project as great potential and real news in the field of communications and sports."

Juan Carlos Báguena is a tennis coach and former professional tennis player from Spain. He has played to a high professional level, acquiring ATP rankings of 190 in singles and 100 in doubles. He has won several ATP tour events in doubles and a singles ATP tour event in Madrid.



"One of the greatest principles of my master, Johan Cruyff, is that soccer is all about entertaining the fans. We have identified a great need for sports fans to express themselves on a dedicated platform that takes them seriously and ensures they're widely read."

Bryan Roy, who picked up 32 international caps for the Netherlands national football team and played in numerous championship games, also believes in the vision of Sportco and will help Sportco spread its vision.

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