5 Greatest NBA Players Of Philadelphia 76ers

The Sixers have had an amazing history. Many of their top players have entered the Hall of Fame, and since 1950 they have achieved 12 division titles, 5 conference titles, and earned 3 championships!

This season the Philadelphia 76ers odds have been in their favor. They have won almost every match, and are on their way to the playoffs - or so we hope!

To celebrate, let's look through the best NBA 76er players of all time!

Philadelphia 76ers

Julius Erving - 1976 till 1987

Erving entered the Hall of Fame in 1993, and in 1994 he was named the most important athlete of his time.

Erving didn’t start his career with the 76ers, but after 5 years of soul searching, the small forward finally found his people.

With his help, the 76ers won their most recent NBA championship title. That was all the way back in 1983. Hopefully, our current team will enter the NBA playoffs and bring back Erving’s glory.

At the end of his career, Erving scored 30,026 points, 10,525 rebounds, and 5,176 assists.

Even to this day, Erving is considered the most talented player in NBA history, and he is without a doubt, the best dunker. Before this champion, dunking was only achieved by large men, but Erving proved that his method was more effective and allowed smaller players to get involved.

Allen Iverson - 1996 till 2006 & 2009 till 2010

Iverson’s relationship with the 76ers was rocky, to say the least. He was picked first overall in the drafts, and with Iverson on board, the team excelled to new heights. In 2001 he made it to the finals, and although the team didn’t win Iverson was named the Most Valuable Player. 

Everything was going well until Iverson was injured. The team benched him and left Iverson frustrated. A new coach came along, and the team didn’t gel.

Iverson decided to leave when tensions were getting high, but although his first ending with the team was rough, the years before that event were amazing. We cannot ignore the good times! 

Iverson entered the Hall of Fame in 2016, earned the Rookie of the Year award just 20 years before in 1997, and has entered into over 13 All-star games, and over 6 All-NBA games.

Wilt Chamberlain - 1965 till 1968

Chamberlain's time with the 76ers was short, and many people would dismiss him from this list for that reason alone. 

Chamberlain was a 2 time NBA champion and won the NBA rebounding championship title 11 times. Although the championship wasn't achieved until his 76er seasons had ended, Chamberlain was able to get the team into the NBA spot. 

Sure they never won, but they were always so close.  

Chamberlain was an iconic player who controlled the ball and brought his team to heights most hadn’t seen before. There is a reason why 4 teams retired their number 13 jersey in his name. 

Chamberlain’s career stats should be a record in themselves. He ended his career with 31,419 points, 23,924 rebounds, and 4,543 assists.

Hal Greer - 1968 till 1973

Greer was with the 76ers before they had the current name. Back when the team was called the Syracuse Nationals! 

Greer is a Hall of Famer and was with the team for their second NBA championship.

Greer broke records left, right, and center, and although many current basketball players can beat his records now, at the time this was a momentous feat.

Greer was chosen for the All-Stars 10 times, earned the All-Star MVP award in 1968, and was part of the All-NBA second team 7 times.

The 76ers retired the number 15 jersey in Greer's honor, and the Marshall Thundering Herd did the same thing. 

Greer ended his career with 21,586 points, 5,665 rebounds, and 4,540 assists. 

Dolph Schayes - 1949 till 1964

Schayes was a big part of the team's first-ever NBA championship. Schayes entered the team in 1949 and instantly won the Rookie of the Year award. It would be 6 years of hard work and fun play before Schayes skills were sleek enough to bring the team higher. 

In that climb, Schayes won the rebounding leader award in 1951 and was part of 5 All-NBA teams and 4 All-Star teams.

He climbed the basketball ladder bringing the team up with him, until the eventual 1955 NBA championship. 

Although they couldn’t reach those heights again, we cannot deny the impact Schayes had. 

By the end of his career, Schayes earned 19,249 points with the NBL and 18,438 with the NBA, 11,256 rebounds, and 3,072 assists.

Schayes was part of the NBA change and because of his skill and charisma, he helped make it the tournament we love today! 

Final Thoughts

The 76ers are giving off the same energy as the players of the Philadelphia NBA Championship past. The team dynamic has been graceful and powerful, and the general cheeriness brings us back to the older times of simpler games.

Looking at these players' final career stats might seem like an underwhelming total, but remember these were pioneers of the game!

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