The former Arsenal star thinks Chelsea needs three transfers in January

Chelsea have lost four out of their last five Premier League games and against comparatively weaker opponents like West Ham and Bournemouth, but Paul Merson still thinks the Blues can get themselves to the Champions League next season, if they make the right decisions in the winter transfer window.

Chelsea had a great time in the first couple of months in the Premier League this season as they went on a winning streak of six matches in a row in September-October, but they somehow lost the momentum after the defeat against Manchester City.

Although they are still in the top-four in the Premier League standings, there are massive question marks if they would be able to sustain their position with this negative momentum.

According to the Arsenal legend Paul Merson, who is a pundit these days, Chelsea needs to identify the areas of concern and one of the key areas of issues at the moment is their defense.

They need to go out there and look for a centre back and a left-back that can have a physical presence on the pitch and can play with high intensity for full 90 minutes.

“If Chelsea does the right deals in January they can book their ticket to a top-four finish.” Merson was quoted saying by Starsport.

Merson thinks it has been good on Chelsea’s part that they have exposed their youngsters to the Premier League Football, but the youngsters can’t play week-in week-out right through the season. At some stage, they will have to be taken out of the firing line because their body can only take so much toll and Premier League is an incredibly demanding competition.

“Chelsea’s kids have done well but there are times when they will need to be taken out of the team,” Merson added.

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