European Premier League: Where elites face elites - All you need to know

After the decline of the idea of ‘The Project Big Picture,’ a proposed ‘European Premier League’ is beginning to take shape. The idea is to incorporate the best teams from the continent in a competition where the main motive is to put the elites against one another on a more frequent basis. 

What will be the format of the league? Well, the initial stages will comprise a total of 16-18 teams that means 32 or 34 games approximately.  The conclusion of that phase will gradually lead to the playoff stages where the highest teams in the groups will be cropped out to further play among themselves. 

european premier league all you need to know
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To keep it simpler, as the tournament concludes the group stages, the further stages will be like the ‘mini-tournament’ seen in the Champions League last season. However, scheduling it will be a problem as big teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Liverpool, Manchester United, etc, will not abandon their top-flights. 

As mentioned above, the European Premier League will have 32 or 34 games in the group stages itself, it is most likely to increase the number of injuries and fatigue, and competing in both simultaneously will not be possible. Apart from that, a team playing in the Champions League and supposedly winning it plays 13 games there itself thereby congesting the games even more. 

However, the details are yet not finalized and we could see a lot of changes made. The calendar will be too hard on the players as a team playing in the UCL or Europa League already plays twice a week.

Then there are domestic cups of every top-flight and their schedules as per every top-flight arrange it. 
Inserting another league system will only compromise on the quality of the league and that will basically disprove the whole motive and ambition of the league. 

From the business point of view, billions are expected to be invested in order to get the competition underway and entice participants to join. 

So far, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid are the clubs to be rumored to having talks, while the Los Blancos are considered as an integral part or the ‘architect’ of the league’s creation. 

Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester City, and Spurs have also been approached but only five clubs from England’s top-flight are permitted to participate and that means one of the ‘big six’ will have to miss out. 

It is said that UEFA may enter legally and increase concerns for the creators of the European Premier League. As of now, the UEFA club competition structure covers the period up to 2024 and any new ideas could turn into reality only after 2024. 

Another concern or drawback of the European league is that it may finish the excitement between the top teams from different leagues facing each other. 

As per the current scenario, Liverpool may play Real Madrid or Bayern Munich only once or twice in a season or two but if and when the European league comes into action, the intrigue will be lost and PSG vs Atletico Madrid would just become a regular mid-table clash.  

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