Famous footballing starts who loves to party and visit Casinos

Football is a sport that requires a lot of passion, dedication, and more so hard work, hard work so much that players at one moment need relaxation. Some find it in their homes with their family, some like going outdoors to have lunch at different places with different cuisines, and some work in other businesses. Some players like to party to have some enjoyment and relaxation as well. 

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There are players in the footballing universe who have been the don of parties in the past and party doesn’t get old with time so even now we still have players that likes or say love to party. A lot have been enjoying it as a relaxation and some make it a priority over their footballing life. Here are some players who like partying or have been spotted spending some of their money at casinos.

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1) Diego Maradona

Late Barcelona and Napoli legend and Argentine superstar Diego Maradona was known for his connection to football. The way he introduced dribbling to the world with the ball always sticking or finding his feet was exceptional. A class apart on the pitch, the ex-Argentina coach was a party animal off the field. He was often spotted partying at clubs during his time at Barcelona, Napoli, and his native Argentina and his time at Boca Juniors. 

2) Jack Grealish  

A record signing for Manchester City during the season 2021-2022 for a mouth-watering 100 million euros from Aston Villa. The quick-feet dribbler who likes to take on opposition players to draw many fouls (could say his tactic) was a loved footballer during his time at Aston Villa. He hasn’t been as bright for the Manchester blue but he had some vital contributions during their Premier League win in the season 2022-2023, and so he did celebrate by boozing off to the limit. He was often seen celebrating with his players and fans drowsy or say drunk but happily. 

3) Zlatan Ibrahimovic 

The thug of football is one of the biggest names that loves to party, play poker, and visit casinos. The player who had a twilight of his career during his entire playing career almost enjoys spending his off-field time playing online poker if he is in the middle of the season. The Swede is so fond of gambling that he partnered to become the brand ambassador of Bethard and also invested in a poker company when he was playing for AC Milan.

 4) Neymar Junior

The Brazilian menace, a dazzler on the pitch with his silky feet and a touch of classiness, Neymar Jr is one of the biggest living Brazilian legends to have ever graced the football field. A player who would have done wonders if not injured during his career, the former Barcelona and PSG star after a heavy routine life enjoys partying and playing poker at casinos. The Brazilian is so fond of poker that as a fact he named his dog after the game. He ones thought of becoming a professional poker player once he decided to stop playing football. The famous footballer is also the brand ambassador of PokerStars. 

5) Cristiano Ronaldo  

The best player to have ever played football (Arguable), the HITMAN with the most number of goals in the professional footballing world, is undoubtedly the last Portuguese legend to have excelled in the game so perfectly. Cristiano with so much fame too needs some quality time which does not require the exact amount of hard work that he puts in the field and so he does it by partying and playing poker at casinos wherever he finds one. Possibly another candidate to become the ambassador of the famous site PokerStars.

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