Fastest goal in Football history

Is it a bird, is it a car, is it a plane, NO ! Here I present you the fastest goal in football history. 

Gavin Stokes (Credits - Google) 

The hero of this series is Scot who went by the name of Gavin Stokes. He he has immortalized himself into the footballing record books even though he unfortunately  passed away 1 and a half years ago in car crash but the footballing legacy that he has left behind will continue to shine bright for far longer. 

Gavin Stokes (Credits- FIFA)

Even though he might not have been a household name or had played at any notably higher level as compared to some other superstars in terms of fastest goals  but the record books will always show him at the top of this lit. But this has a caveat as he isn't somebody who had burst out of nowhere as he had turned up for the like of Dundee United U20s, Alloa Athletic and supposedly represented Scotland at u-15 and u-17. According to his relatives among others as reported in various articles and was a defensive midfielder which makes it all the more fascinating as one would generally expect a striker to hold a record like this. 

He managed to achieve this feat of world’s fastest ever recorded goals in just over two seconds for Maryhill Juniors against Clydebank back in April 2017. 

Gavin Stokes (Credits - Maryhill Juniors Official) 

It's kick off time and the weather is bright and sunny but not to an extreme, just about the perfect weather to play football. So the fact that there was no element of weather involved in this goal is clear. Clyde are in yellow jersey color while our protagonist has adorned the red jersey which is fittingly poetic justice as this was indeed his red power ranger moment and just like the reds this season, he went on a roll right from the get go. 

Gavin first looked to his left , then he glanced towards his right and the referee signals for kick-off. He charged towards the ball like a man possessed, a man on a mission. He took a couple of steps , one step, two steps and Bamm !! The ball took off on a flight that almost seemed never ending and looped up in the air for the longest time possible before eventually beating the keeper and went to the back of the net. 

The keeper from Clyde tried to parry the ball with his hands outstretched but he could only put his fingertips to it as the ball eluded his palms and went over his head to the back of the net to Maryhill Juniors after just 2.1 seconds.  

Gavin Stokes left for heaven abode on 8.10.2022 and is invited by his son Freddie, wife Alice, dad Edward, sister Shannon, brother Garry, and niece Isla very dearly and he shall be missed. Gone but never forgotten. 

He was driving his car in the wee hours of the morning when at about 1:10 in the morning he unfortunately ended up losing control of his car in a Thornwood roundabout located in Glasgow and ended up crashing which he couldn't survive. 

Gavin Stokes Credits - BBC

The former footballer and Electrician was surely electric on and off the field and was described as rhe life and soul of the party by those Close to him 

RIP Gavin  Stokes 20 April 1992 - 8 October 2022

Cover Credits - Progressive Soccer

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