Joshua Pynadath- The NRI Captain America touted as the REAL deal now at crossroads ?

Joshua Pynadath might not be a name that would ring a bell to many who watch top flight of European football. Although things could have been so much different for him and he is now a free agent as his contract with AZ Alkamaar expired not too long ago for whom he mainly turned out for their U-21 side.

Chelsea, Real Madrid, Ajax are some of the clubs that he had turned out for before he had even turned 20 and also featured for the youth USMNT. But the promise this Indian- American wing wizard had shown early on in his career has seemingly not transpired at the senior level. The supporters of Joshua would be hoping that he ends up kicking on soon as possible. The raw talent is definitely there otherwise you do not end up in a position where Barcelona and Real Madrid, arguably two of the biggest clubs in the world are fighting over your signature at 11. And then you end up catching the eye of the biggest launchpad for youth footballers into the spotlight at just 13, a few eyes are bound to be on your career.

He is a silky smooth winger with impeccable technique who has not been hampered by injuries yet so that could definitely not be the case at least if one goes by the injury record of Joshua listed online. Nor could it be due to any attitude problem or adjustment issues as he has played on either flanks. He has even turned out as a Left Back once showing that he is ready to put himself into uncharted territory for his team. A couple of years back he was also on trial with Chelsea so him falling of the radar is also out of the question although permit issues were allegedly  the reason this transfer did not transpire.

Joshua Pynadath- The NRI Captain America touted as the REAL deal now at crossroads ?
Joshua Pynadath (Credits - Transfermarkt)

Now one thing that goes against Pynadath is that his end product has not been earth shattering and 6 goal involvements in 50 games across his entire career till now which has been mainly at the reserves level. Though some have suggested that he returns to America and tries to make it in the senior level at MLS but Joshua seems to be holding out for yet another European move although there has not been any murmurs about this yet. 

One option could be that  he can move to the Indian Super League and potentially revive his career like Stiven Mendoza did. Then potentially find his path back to USA and eventually Europe but right now he seems like a far cry from what his YouTube compilations all those years ago had led us to believe and one can only hope he is happy where he is. Thought the naysayers would point out that his hype was only due to him being at a well renowned youth clubs and being American-Indian at a time when US Soccer had not burst onto the scene just yet. One can only hope that this is just a build up to something great, but till then, he works behind in the shadows far away from the limelight he once could not get enough of.

Cover Credits - Transfermarkt

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