The Billion Dollar Goose in Spanish Football, Ridiculous release clause !

In the modern world, any player in any reality should be valued at billions of dollars or pounds. The reality is often more complex than fiction and we seem to have a lot of players, mainly young talents who have got great potential. Those same young stars who are already on course to achieve greatness in one of the most well known leagues in the world.

Well even though the above list has added a couple of new entrants to it the rational behind the mind numbing release clauses seems to be clear. This has been done to protect their assets, shield interests from other clubs, and instill confidence in their players as a sign of trust and commitment. Which is why it is natural that La Masia being one of the best academies in the world. They have once again been made to rely on their youth academy and has slapped ridiculously high release clauses in order to protect players who still have to do homework. They are the present as well as the future of the club considering how delicate their finances are. They would not want to take chances either losing out their assets on the cheap or even outright losing them at all as could be pointed out by the domino effect the Neymar transfer had on the Catalan giants.

Though the existence of Release Clause is a rule that is mandated by La Liga, more often then not nobody really expects these clauses to be taken seriously. They are often of symbolic value which are subject to change depending upon the player club dynamic. More recent examples of high release clauses has been the transfer of Bellingham whom Real Madrid bought from Dortmund. However slapped a 1 billion release clause just to make a statement of intent even though nobody would have realistically tried to poach him as he already had his heart set out for Los Blancos. 

Another high roller is Lamine Yamal a player for whom release clause is not only important for the club but for the rights and well being of the player given. How early he has been thrusted into the spotlight and the high release clause ensures that he gets to develop in a stable environment he is familiar with for years to come.

Although there  are other hotbeds of youth talents like France but they do not seem to have a release clause rule enforced or Brazil for that matter where the flow of players for relatively affordable sum. It seems to be a key to facilitate their development and keep the local clubs there up and running instant of pricing them out like their Latin counterparts. 

At time release clauses are also kept very low for players or clubs who are not certain of a deal or the player being a hit at the club and the player wanting out vice versa. But with the way transfer records are being broken left right and center, one shall not be surprised to see one of these release clauses actually being met in the near future.

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