Football's biggest bargain: Jurgen Klopp

Jurgen Klopp’s incredible run of success, as well as his ability to develop players, has seen the price-tags of his players, and the valuation of the club, sky-rocket. France Football recently released its latest round of “star salaries” this week, detailing the highest-paid players and also the coaches in the world.

When seen from a Liverpool perspective, there was one overriding takeaway: Jurgen Klopp is the best bargain in the sport. Klopp is reported to earn €15m per year, not including whatever competition bonuses that consist of league finish, how the team fared in the Champions League, individual awards, etc are also a part of the contract.

When compared to Europe’s three highest-paid coaches with Diego Simeone on the first spot earning €40.5 million, Antonio Conte earning €30 million at Inter Milan takes the second spot while Pep Guardiola acquiring the third spot with €27 million. 

It is a big thing that Rojiblancos boss Simeone earns €40.5 million before bonuses, which is three times of what Klopp earns. It does not have a reason but a possible explanation is that Atletico Madrid have made a priority of fashioning the club in Simeone’s image. When the club decided to expand things, to put more money in the transfer window, to sign players suited to the club’s style, they let Simeone take hold of that evolution rather than force him out for a coach who better fit that mindset.

An interesting fact is that, with the amount of money given to Simeone, the club could have afforded Klopp and Guardiola, both. Klopp also delivered a Champions League title and has produced one of the greatest teams the Premier League has ever seen, one which will win probably win the league. This proves that he is the biggest bargain as he also has an impact on the club financially but also on the morale of the city.

His personality is pervasive to everything the club does. He is omnipotent and omniscient in a way few other coaches have ever managed. The Citizens created a “City Way” that mimicked what was going on at Ajax and Barcelona before Guardiola arrived as the cherry on top of the cake. City were champions before Guardiola arrived and they will win even after Guardiola leaves.

Conte is in the middle of his revolution at the moment, this time at Inter but this time he is in a favorable environment, a club that is willing to get back where it was in the early days and rebuild its own image. Conte is looked upon as the perfect match for the club shifting a transition back to the same philosophy it had during its most successful years, first with Herrera in the ‘60s and then with Jose Mourinho in the 2000s.

With Klopp, he has built his own organization in his way. It is impossible to keep Liverpool away from “Kloppism.” Even when the club was successful with Rafa Benitez on the way to clinch the club’s fifth European Cup and fighting for the league, it never seemed like it was Rafa’s club. 

However, Klopp has done things for the club that go beyond the pitch. The entire Liverpool squad has seen a growth in value by over 500 percent since Klopp has taken over the Reds. According to Forbes, Liverpool’s squad is now worth £1.83 billion, while it was estimated to be £360 million when he took over, back when the manager earned €7.5 million per year.

A bunch of Liverpool’s success in the transfer market is down to Michael Edwards as well, with his team of scouts and analysts but within Klopp’s playing style and culture, the players have thrived the most. Klopp has developed good players into superstars, prioritizing the collective over the individual.

Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, both were good players when they arrived but all the stardom they have now is the reflection of Klopp on the players. Both the players along with Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson finished in the top-10 of the latest Ballon d’Or results, again, the reason? Jurgen Klopp. 

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