La Liga playing cup matches abroad but is the cup really theirs?

Pre Season tours for commercial purposes has been a thing for a long time now and some top nations have also experimented with playing their cup matches abroad and the response has been polarizing. While it does merit a serious discussion due to the apparent benefits but has also glaring drawbacks which has drawn massive criticism. What is brewing inside the cup, is it a gradual transition/evolution of Football or a massive storming is brewing inside the cup scene waiting to spill over and cause massive controversy? 

La Liga playing cup matches abroad but is the cup really theirs?
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The Turkey federation tried to play a cup final in the middle east some time back but had to back out last minute due to not so reconcilable differences. However Spain has been hosting their version of the Super Cup successfully in the same region and has been a commercial success for the federation in question. Although this move has received mixed reception among fans, the locals not too amused with the move while the ones far away from Spain eager to see their super club of choice rock up and put up a show in their country live.

Friendlies and pre season tours are indeed a good way to grow the sport and cater to commercial interests but playing legit cup matches abroad takes it to the next level. While hosting a couple of cup fixtures or even some knock out games can be justified, the move to scale it up to League matches can change the course of how fixtures are drawn up and that could lead to a domino effect never seen before.

On the other hand local fans can feel left out and see more and more matches being played abroad as pandering to foreign markets solely for financial gain and see this as a total disregard of their existence within the domestic circle. There is surely a way via which both sides of the coin can arrive on the same page. It would come after a lot of chopping and changing but globalization cannot be stopped although one can surely adapt to it. 

While ESL was not a good idea at least in the way it was brought forward, the transition to have an NFL like model where some matches are played abroad can be a reality. It needs to be carefully introduced and gradually phased in instead of being suddenly thrusted into the conscience of the supporters otherwise the cup that was theirs would not remain theirs and discontent is the last thing you want when you want to bring in change.

A benefit not discussed of this initiative is the monetary benefit that this could have. For example lower leagues in England can have in theory more money being handed out by EFL and EPL. If one league match a season is played abroad and some of the proceeds go down to the lower league clubs who are in dire straits as far as their finances are concerned. But as well all know, change was never easy and the way things are going a stale mate is more likely than you and your mate seeing a La Liga match live at a local arena near you.

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