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The Indiana Pacers have had some truly great players representing them. That Reggie Miller failed to score a single championship is a travesty yet that’s how it goes. Then there are players like Jermaine O’Neal, Rik Smits, and others that have graced the franchise. If you want to discover the latest Indiana Pacer odds then head to Fanduel.  

Reggie Miller 

Let’s start with the obvious choice as Reggie Miller simply meant more to the Indiana Pacers. For another franchise, he may have become a contender for the big prizes, certainly to feature regularly in the NBA playoffs. That he remained with the Pacers says more about his loyalty than his statistics will ever truly demonstrate.  


Reggie Miller  NBA
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Miller became arguably the first player to become a consistent and effective threat from the three-point line. In a sense, Miller could probably excel in today’s NBA, certainly by his work rate alone. He was a Hall of Famer, selected three times in the All-NBA team, and was a five-time All-Star. Miller also had zero championships to his name but his leadership for the franchise was unquestioned.  

Jermaine O’Neal 

When you consider the Pacers team of the 2000s, Jermaine O’Neal played a huge role. That may not have been fully appreciated at the time yet his numbers do not lie. He would end with an average of 9.6 rebounds and 18.6 points each game.  

O’Neal also won the Most Improved Player Award only two seasons after being drafted into the team from high school. With three All-NBA picks and six All-Star selections, O’Neal was one of the best centers in the Eastern Conference. Possibly in the entire NBA at the time.  

Rik Smits 

The Nineties Pacers had a great core and was a team that proved greater than the sum of its parts. Smits was an integral part of that and spent each of his 11 NBA seasons with the Pacers. His loyalty would rival that of Millers and he had a similar dominant streak. However, it was the team that tried to dominate rather than one single player. 


Rik Smits NBA
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Nonetheless, Smits had a single All-Star appearance which shows how well-respected he was. He ended with an average of 6.1 rebounds and 14.8 points with some memorable clutch plays during the postseason. 

Dele Davis 

Few could question Dele Davis’ commitment to the cause of the Indiana Pacers. During Game 4 against the New York Knicks in the 1995 Eastern Conference semi-finals, he suffered a dislocated right shoulder. This was the third time that season alone yet never missed one start for the Pacers. 

Larry Brown called Davis the ‘guts of the team’ and few could argue. He was not great with free throws and did not have a mid-range to speak of yet his game was not about scoring. Davis was reliable, and consistent, and meant so much to the team.   

Mark Jackson 

To say that Mark Jackson transformed the Indiana Pacers not once, but twice, sounds outlandish. Yet in each of his two stints, the team became a contender which demonstrates his influence. He was more than just a starting point guard, he became one of the best passers of basketball in the NBA. 

Jackson also amassed great individual stats of his own during an era when games were typically low-scoring. That’s 8.1 assists each game and 8.4 points which quickly adds up. He also teamed up with Reggie Miller in the backcourt when the Pacers were at their most devastating.  

Roy Hibbert 

Roy Hibbert’s influence on the Indiana Pacers was more his consistency rather than headline-grabbing performances. He doubled his average for blocks from the 2007/2008 season from 1.1 to 2.7 by 2014. Hibbert would contest shots, alter them, and was essentially a huge presence. All without committing too many fouls which proved vital for the Pacers. 

Paul George 

When you look at Reggie Miller’s career at the Pacers, there is a sense of what might have been for Paul George. He could have become the greatest yet he asked for a trade after only seven seasons. At the time, he was a stellar figure with 6.3 assists and an 18.1 points average. While the Pacers did begin to threaten the Miami Heat, George was at the heart of it with three All-NBA picks.   


Though the Indiana Pacers are one of 11 franchises never to win an NBA championship, they have had some great players. Top of the list is Reggie Miller who was renowned for his loyalty. The likes of Paul George, Roy Hibbert, and Mark Jackson also demand honorable mentions. There is a sense of what might have been for the Indiana Pacers, a sense of so close yet so far.  

Perhaps if they had more great players on the team at the same time. Going through the history books, you can see some superb NBA players yet none of them won a championship in Indiana. That seems impressive on its own when you consider the likes of Rik Smits represented the franchise then it seems unbelievable.

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