NBA 2K22 Ratings Revealed - Top 10 Players with Highest Ratings

NBA 2K has come out with their much-awaited 2022 edition game after giving us many exciting glimpses of the official gameplay all over the internet. 

The launch is expected to happen somewhere around next month, but as always to keep up the talk in the town, 2K has launched its player ratings for its 2K22 edition.

As we await the start of the new season for more than two months, fans and the players themselves are heading to the E-Sports mode to get a glimpse of the next season. 

So who are the Top 10 Players with the Highest Ratings in NBA 2K22

Damian Lillard
Source - NBA 2K

10. Damian Lillard   

NBA 2K22 Rating - 94

NBA 2K21 Rating - 94

Dame has been one of the most consistent players in the game. He has managed to retain his similar ratings from the past year and is one of the few who have managed to stick to similar ratings. However as the season moves ahead, the ratings are bound to increase and Lillard might end up touching the 96 ratings.

Lillard was the cover athlete for 2K21 and is rated an overall 91 from the 3-point shooting, 88 on the athleticism front. He has been a cheat code to the game and surely one player to play with

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Source - NBA 2K

9. James Harden

NBA 2K22 Rating - 94

NBA 2K21 Rating - 95

It has been one of the rarest occasions where James Harden's 2K ratings have been declined. The decline in the ratings was expected as James Harden spent most of the season on the sidelines due to injuries he sustained. It is expected that his ratings will improve as the season progresses. 

Harden has a 79 - inside scoring, 91 - 3 point scoring, and 91 rated playmaking.

Luka Doncic named cover athlete of NBA 2K22 - Sports Illustrated
Source - NBA 2K

8. Luka Doncic

NBA 2K22 Rating - 94

NBA 2K21 Rating - 94

The cover star of the 2k22 franchise was expected to at least rise up to an Overall 95, but maybe his early Playoff exit has stalled his growth to 95. However, his growth from 79 overall in 2K19 to 94 in 2K21 has been immense and it wouldn't be a surprise if Luka manages to touch a 96+ overall rating by the end of the season

Doncic has 90 - playmaking, 84 - athletism and 91 rated outside scoring

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7. Joel Embiid

NBA 2K22 Rating - 95

NBA 2K21 Rating - 95

After an impressive 2020-21 season with Philadelphia, Embiid was one of the frontrunners in the NBA MVP race. He averages an outstanding 28.5 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks per game. Embiid is considered to be one of the best Centers post-Shaq and if he has the next season as dominant as this one, we could see him a 97+ rating as the season progresses

Embiid has  91 - inside and outside scoring, 91 - rebounding, and 76 - defense.

NBA 2K21' gameplay improvements: Massive graphics improvements anticipated  with next-generation consoles arriving in 2020 - EconoTimes
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6. Kawhi Leonard

NBA 2K22 Rating - 95

NBA 2K21 Rating - 96

One of the players of the last season. Before going down in the Playoffs, Kawhi was setting the Clippers up for their 1st ever NBA Championship, but he then tore his ACL in the Western Conference Finals against the Pheonix Suns. 

He is expected to miss the whole of next season where it is expected that Kawhi might see a fall in his ratings. 

Kawhi has 92 - outside scoring, 80 - playmaking, and 88 - defense.

Nikola Jokic
Source - NBA 2K

5 Nikola Jokic

NBA 2K22 Rating - 95

NBA 2K21 Rating - 96

The most confusing rating fall in the 2K22 series, reigning MVP who had his career-best season averaging 26.4 points, 10.8 rebounds, and 8.3 assists per game has dropped his ratings coming onto 2K22. 

The Serbian is one of the smartest centers to ever play the game. He is one player alongside LeBron James who can fit into any position in the squad and still play at an elite level. As the season progresses the ratings will inevitably increase

He had the highest-rated playmaking in NBA 2K21 - 83

Jokic has 92 - inside scoring, 88 - rebounding, 83 - playmaking, and 94 in outside scoring 

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4. LeBron James

NBA 2K22 Rating - 96

NBA 2K21 rating - 98

Surprise? Well, LeBron himself is surprised after seeing this fall in his ratings. One of the consistent players in the history of the game. 

Now enters the 18th season of his career and there has been no end to his NBA Primetime. He is rated 80+ in 6 attributes in the game. His IQ in the game is rated at 98 which is one of the Top 2 in the game. 

As the season progresses, the ratings shall increase to maybe 97 or 98 depending on how well the newly formed squad does on the court.

Kevin Durant
Source - Bleacher Report

3. Kevin Durant

NBA 2K22 Rating - 96

NBA 2K21 Rating - 95

One of the best scorers in the history of the game, Kevin Durant has been ranked an Overall 96 which is definitely lower than his actual game. He had an excellent first full season with the Brooklyn Nets where they just lost out in Game 7 against the eventual NBA Champions Milwaukee Bucks. LeBron James in his interview mentions that Kevin Durant should have an overall 99. 

KD has 95 - outside scoring, 85 - inside scoring, 82 rated playmaking.

Stephen Curry
Source - Slam

2. Stephen Curry

NBA 2K22 Rating - 96

NBA 2K21 Rating - 97

The decline of -1, is absolutely unfair for Steph Curry. He had an incredible season which was actually better than his unanimous MVP season. A practical cheat code in 2K, right from 2K16, Curry is practically unfair to the game. He has a 99-rated A+ three-point shooting which is the highest in the history of the game.

Curry has 97 - outside scoring, 86 - athletism, 91 - rated playmaking

1. Giannis Antetokoumpo

NBA 2K22 Rating - 96

NBA 2K21 Rating - 97

The NBA Finals MVP is rated an overall 96 which is expected to increase as the season moves ahead. He leads Milwaukee Bucks to their 2nd Championships after a gap of 50 years. Dropping 50 points in Game 6, to close out the NBA Finals is considered to be one of the best performances in the history of the game.

Giannis has 91 - athletism, 86 - defense, 88 - inside scoring, 84 - playmaking.

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