Guide for newcomers to the world of Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has recently received its release and ended a long period of OBT, which allowed all interested players to explore the future world in which the main actions of the new part of the famous Diablo series will unfold.

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You have to choose one of the five available classes, the list of which is likely to be expanded in the future, at least this has been the case throughout the release of all parts of Diablo.

You can choose:

  • Barbarian
  • Demon Hunter
  • Wizard
  • Necromancer
  • Druid

Regardless of the chosen class, you will face the problem of primary equipment and the difficulty of obtaining the first levels.

It's all about the lack of equipment at the start, and you have to leave the city and destroy the first monsters with the help of improvised means, hoping to get weapons and armor from them that will suit your class and start gradually accelerating your pumping.

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Try every class

Don't be afraid to change characters after leveling up. The fact is that in Diablo the most interesting content always starts in the late stages of the game and at high difficulty levels, so it will be ideal if you try out all 5 playable classes and make your choice accurately, choosing the most pleasant character variation.

Change your builds

Diablo 4 offers you several options for developing your character at once by choosing one of the available skill levels. Not every choice is suitable for the chosen style of play and will not be able to bring maximum benefit to the character. You should not immediately get upset and change the hero, you can spend some gold and just reset the skill points for their subsequent redistribution.

Watch all your drop the right way

One of the most common mistakes players make when farming is to start looking at the entire drop in the middle of a fight, just running away from the enemy. Especially if something really valuable fell out. The fact is that in Diablo there is a fairly large number of items that can fall out while hunting, especially when using AoE attacks and there is simply no time to watch everything, but this problem can be partially solved using game settings.

You set the drop display by label and now when you press a pre-configured button you will see a list of all the loot that you picked up but did not have time to look at and not be distracted by the drop during the battle, and valuable loot will be much easier to track down really valuable items and immediately equip them without wasting time searching.

Storage and its role

In Diablo 4, each character has their own personal storage, where you can put all the extra equipment, artifacts, and various consumables that you are not going to sell at the moment and want to save for the future.

Don't forget to visit your vault after completing the dungeons. The fact is that all missed items and loot will be automatically redirected to your chest for future inspection.

Marks on the map

Quite often, you will encounter a situation where you will know the name and point on the map for a future trip, but will not understand the exact route. To solve the problem, you need to put down markers and marks on the map. This will help you plot an exact route in the form of a line and follow its exact indication in order to arrive at the indicated place on the map, using the prompts of the game's movement system.

Artifacts and equipment

Part of the equipment that you will get from monsters and bosses can be used for disassembly in order to obtain artifacts and future enhancement of stronger equipment. But you should not treat this with fanaticism - such artifacts are not always worth the loss of property and items can simply be sold to merchants, having received a fairly profitable amount of gold.

Diablo 4 Esports
(Credits: Diablo4)

Do not hurry

Many players are in a hurry to discover as much game content as possible for themselves and challenge bosses that are difficult for themselves, which will require a huge amount of time and effort and do not always end in victory.

Therefore, in such moments, it is better to return to proven locations for grinding, or story and secondary quests and return to the dungeon more prepared and go through it much faster. You should not look for difficult paths, it is better to choose interesting mechanics and use them as long as they bring noticeable benefits.

Don't ignore side quests and other activities

Everything that is in the world of Diablo 4 is not accidental here, and all types of activities will bring guaranteed experience and other useful rewards, including rare equipment that cannot be obtained in any other way.

Get a horse

In Diablo 4, you can complete a couple of tasks and get your first horse, which can be customized and used for fast movement, including between acts.

To get a pet, you need to go through the first three acts and complete the quest in the Cathedral of Light, and then you will receive your first companion as a reward.

Accumulate fame

You will receive recognition points for all activities that benefit the server, such as opening the altar of Lilith.

The game will always reward you for such actions with renown points, healing potions, and other useful items.

Keep track of your gear

Everything that you wear in Diablo 4 has wear criteria, and you can gradually lose an item in a protracted battle, so you need to take into account all the risks and carry spare equipment with you and repair your best equipment in a timely manner.

You can repair all your property at any craftsman in the city at the expense of gold. The price will depend on the total value of the item.

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