NFL | The Rams’ Top 10 Players: Who Are The Greatest?

The Los Angeles Rams are one of the most popular NFL franchises, having a storied history that has seen them play in several championship games, winning two Super Bowls and two NFL championships. And if you’ve wondered how to bet on NFL games, chances are you’ve been interested in placing some action on them.

Over the years, the Rams had big players on the roster, with some leaving a significant mark on the team. Today, we count down the 10 best players in Rams history, featuring players from the past and even legends from the current team. 

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10) Norm Van Brocklin

We start this list with a vintage legend that became a champion with the Rams during the pre-Bowl era. Norm Van Brocklin had a nine-year stint with the Rams, leading them to the NFL playoffs.

During one of these runs, they were able to win the 1951 Championship Game, earning their second championship in franchise history. Van Brocklin was drafted in the 1949 NFL Draft by the Rams and finished his career with the team as a Nine-time Pro Bowler, an NFL champion, and the 1954 NFL passing yards leader. 

9) Jack Youngblood

The Rams have easily found talented defensive players, and Jack Youngblood is one of the prime examples. The defensive end spent his entire 13-year career with the Rams after being drafted in the 1970 NFL Draft. 

Youngblood had some big shoes to fill when he landed in Los Angeles, as the Rams lost members of the 'Fearsome Foursome' and were desperate to find a new face for their defense. Youngblood finished his career as a two-time NFL sacks leader, a five-time First-team All-Pro, and a seven-time Pro-Bowler. 

8) Jackie Slater

Jackie Slater is one of those players who always did a silent job and tried to help his team whenever they set foot on the field. Slater was an offensive tackle selected out of Jackson State in 1976, three years before he became a starter for the team. 

He played for 20 seasons with the Rams, establishing a record for an offensive lineman in the NFL. Slater was a seven-time Pro-Bowler, and four-time Second-team All-Pro, which earned him the immense honor of having his No. 78 jersey retired by the Rams.

7) Erick Dickerson 

Erick Dickerson is one of the most iconic running backs the Los Angeles Rams have had throughout history. He only spent five seasons with the team, but that was enough for him to break several records in franchise history. 

Dickerson won the 1985 NFL Offensive Player of the Year, was a five-time First-team All-Pro, and was a four-time NFL rushing leader. He made a significant impact on the Rams, and if it weren’t for somebody who played his position and did more impressive things, he would be considered the most excellent running back in franchise history. 

6) Isaac Bruce 

Isaac Bruce was a member of "The Greatest Show of Turf," an offense that dominated the NFL and broke many records from 1999 through 2001. Bruce was a part of the team that won the Super Bowl XXXIV after being drafted in 1994 by the team.

He was a threat on offense, leading the league in receiving yards in 1996, and set many records during his stay with the team. Bruce set records for receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. He was a Super Bowl champion and a four-time Pro Bowler at the end of his career. 

5) Merlin Olsen 

For some, Olsen should rank higher than the 7th position. He was one of those players who left a mark as soon as they entered the NFL. Olsen became the 1962 Rookie of the Year with the Rams. 

The 'Fearsome Foursome' that Jackie Youngblood and co. replaced were led by Olsen, who shared touches with David Jones, Lamar Lundy, and Rosey Grier. The defensive tackle didn't succeed much in the playoffs, but his legend in the game remains. He retired as a six-time First-team All-Pro before having his No. 74 jersey retired by the Rams. 

4) Kurt Warner 

Kurt Warner shared touches with Isaac Bruce, as both were part of the aforementioned 'The Greatest Show on Turf' offense that took the Rams to become precisely that, a complete show for many fans. Warner landed in St. Louis as an undrafted player, and as soon as he got his chance to compete in the NFL, he took off and never looked back. 

He had an extensive career in the NFL, winning the XXXIV Super Bowl and then adding two NFL MVPs to his resume. Warner finished his career being named a First-team All-Pro twice, leaving a significant mark on the league. 

3) David Jones

Another member of the 'Fearsome Foursome,' David 'Deacon' Jones, earns the third spot on this list. The defensive end was good at his job, and he's now considered one of the best defenders in football history. He led the league in sacks five times. 

Jones won the NFL Defensive Player of the Year twice, was named a First-team All-Pro five times, and finished his career as an eight-time Pro Bowler. Jones is one of the most iconic players for the Rams, and the best part is that they found this gem in the 14th round of the 1961 NFL Draft. 

2) Marshall Faulk 

Marshall Faulk fully embraced the Rams, and the fans loved him nonstop, as he's the most excellent running back in the Los Angeles Ram’s history. Coming out of San Diego State in 1994, Faulk was a beast during his best days, even winning the NFL MVP for the Rams. 

He was part of that memorable offense that won the XXXIV Super Bowl and finished his career as a three-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year and two-time NFL scoring leader. Faulk is an iconic player that the Rams will never forget.

1) Aaron Donald 

Aaron Donald is the cherry on the top for the Los Angeles Rams. He’s the heart and soul of this team and has played a vital role in the team’s recent success. Donald is a menace for offensive players, becoming the best defensive player in Rams history and one of the best defensive players ever in the entire NFL. 

Donald has spent nine seasons in the NFL, being selected seven times to the First-team All-Pro, eight times to the Pro Bowl, as well as being selected the NFL Defensive Player of the Year not once, not twice, but three times. He also played a key role in the Rams' championship run, making the play that gave his team the Super Bowl LVI win against Joe Burrow and his Cincinnati Bengals. 

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