Online Casino Games that are inspired by Sports

Online casinos and sports are usually connected. Here we are talking about several different ways of connection. We will not discuss sponsorships and branded content. It is no secret that many casinos try to sponsor teams the other way around. 

However, the gambling industry draws great inspiration from different sports. This inspiration is vividly seen if you research the most popular slot machines or online poker games inspired by soccer, basketball, football, swimming, horse racing, cricket, and many other popular sports.

Sports-Inspired Slot Machines at Online Casinos

The most obvious choice is a slot machine. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different options if you’re looking for a slot machine inspired by your favorite sport. However, most of them usually use MMA, football, basketball, and car racing as inspiration. 

Nevertheless, you have a high chance of finding a slot machine inspired by the activity. The only thing is we recommend looking for slot machines through a trustworthy game developer or online casino. You can start by looking at different online casinos at and seeing what casino games they offer. 

The website will tell you everything you need to know about technical details, including payment, options, average, RTP, reviews from customers, and so on. As for game selection, we recommend using demo versions or minimal deposits to figure out whether you enjoy a specific game. 

To get you started, here is a list of the most popular slot machines inspired by sports:

  • Rocky
  • Nyjah Huston: Skate for Gold
  • Wild Games
  • Football Frenzy
  • Gold Trophy 2
  • Golden Tour
  • Champions
  • Hot Shot
  • Street Basketball


This slot machine was inspired by the famous boxer and the movie. Even though RTP is 95.01%, lower than the industry average, the game still pays quite frequently. Here you are getting traditional 25 paylines and impressive graphics. The majority of symbols were inspired by different boxers from various countries. You are also getting several bonus games triggered by either the wild symbol or scatter. Finally, the total price is around 10,000 coins. It is one of the biggest ones on our list.

Wild Games

This is a universal slot machine inspired by the Olympic Games in general. Here you will see all the different symbols associated with your favorite sports. As for the technical details, an average RTP is around 95.24%. The best part of this game is the presence of different medals. They can be bronze, golden, or silver. Depending on the medal you win, you get a certain multiplier. The count starts with 2x and goes up to 100x. Besides, there are at least three different bonuses, all dedicated to specific games. Our favorite is the Freestyle swim bonus. Keep your eyes on the third wheel and swimming bulldogs to get it.

Golden Tour

This is one of the most popular slot machines on our list. It is no wonder since the average RTP is 97.71%. It is one of the highest scores on the market. The slot itself was inspired by golf. It has a rather simple design and traditional features, including free spins. The game also has 3 different scatters, a gopher, a duck, and a fish. So make sure you keep your eyes on those symbols. As for the prizes, maximum for a combination, you will be able to get around 2000 coins. The actual payouts depend on your chosen casino.

Online Poker Table

Our list doesn’t end with slot machines. There are many more inspiring games. For example, even online poker tables can be associated with sports. The majority of them draw inspiration from football and basketball. Some of them even collaborate with successful football players to advertise their products. However, such poker tables are not available at every single casino. We recommend looking for a casino that specializes in live dealer poker. Besides, in this case, the football theme will not necessarily influence the game. It will only be the skin.

Blackjack Inspired by Sports

It is quite obvious that apart from poker, you will also be able to find blackjack inspired by sports. It is a rare case that the theme influences the actual game. You will most likely see the same old blackjack but with a brand-new aesthetic and look. Finally, most casinos prefer changing seems only for blackjack played against the computer. Live dealer blackjack usually has the same skin and look.

Bottom Line

If you are a fan of sports and you want to bring your passion to gambling, you can easily do so. Online casinos offer multiple opportunities to enjoy slot machines, online poker, or even blackjack, inspired by football, basketball, Olympic Games, and so on. Today we have offered you several slot machines and ways to find a perfect game. However, don’t forget to gamble responsibly and manage your budget.

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