What if every Premier League season finished at 29 games?

The current Premier League season is stranded at 29 games as it has been suspended until April 30 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Liverpool are 29 points clear at the top, followed by Manchester City. If the season restarts, and all the fixtures are completed, Liverpool could be eventual winners as they just two wins away from the title.

If every PL season had ended at 29 games, however, what could have been the result?

City would have had two titles fewer

Yes, City, which have won four PL titles, would have two crowns less if every season has ended at 29 games. In two of their title wins, City have rallied in the business end of the tournament to grab the crown. 

First instance

In the 2011-12 season, Manchester City were trailing Manchester United after the first 29 games, but they raised their game to win the title. Sergio Aguero’s winner against QPR on the last day of the season sealed the title for City. United and City ended on 89 points, but City won the title on goal difference.

Second instance

In the 2013-14 season, Chelsea were leading the table, with 9 games to play. But City came from behind to top the league, going 2 points clear at the top ahead of second-placed Liverpool and 4 points clear of third-placed Chelsea.

Maiden PL titles for Newcastle and Aston Villa

Newcastle were leading 1995-96 season after 29 games, but dropped points late to lose their hold on the top position. Manchester United won the season.

In the 1992-93 season, Villa lost their top position after 29 games to concede the title to Manchester United. 

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