Report: Lakers could trade no 17 pick with Mo Bamba and Malik Beasley for starting caliber player

It’s a growing possibility that the Lakers will package Mo Bamba and Malik Beasley along with the 17th overall pick for a starter-level upgrade, according to the Athletic's Jovan Buha.

There is a variety of options for LA if they pursue this trade, with teams that own multiple first-round picks and want to trade up, the Lakers could take advantage.

The Lakers have several free agents this off-season including Dennis Schroder, D’Angelo Russell, Lonnie Walker IV, Austin Reaves, and Rui Hachimura, If the Lakers are worried about losing one of these players or the team doesn’t plan on bringing one back, Lakers could use the salary from Beasley or Bamba to facilitate a deal.


Mo Bamba & Malik Beasley. NBA Lakers could trade no. 17 with Bamba & Malik
Mo Bamba (Left) Malik Beasley (Right) (Credit - NBA)


Beasley and Bamba were brought in at the trade deadline during the 2022-23 Season.

Beasley has a team option for the 2023-24 Season that is worth more than $16 million. Mo Bamba's salary for the 2023-24 campaign is not guaranteed at $10.3 million.

Both of those contracts are tradable which gives the Lakers some flexibility to improve the roster. While the team would have to make a rookie (no 17 pick) to make it happen, it does make sense to get a win-now piece with Lebron James.

This in regards to what the Lakers want to do at the guard position, and it sounds like all the options are on the table despite the likelihood both D’Angelo Russell and Dennis Schroder return, Both Malik Beasley and Mo Bamba were out of the rotation this year, so it would make sense if the Lakers are looking to move on from one or the both of them.

It's unclear which player or players would be available for such a package, but the Lakers can get creative to match salary if they decide to package all of Beasley, Bamba, and the No.17 pick in a deal.

Los Angeles seems to be exploring every avenue possible to improve this off-season after coming close to the NBA Finals in the 2022-23 campaign.

With the 2023 NBA Draft taking place next Thursday, any draft trade from the Lakers would be in the coming days. Stay tuned to see if the Lakers deal the No.17 pick, Malik Beasley, and/or Mo Bamba.

Cover Credit - NBA

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