League of Legends Spring Split 2021: Day 1 LCS Lock-in Results Round up

The League of Legends Championship Series Spring Split 2021 will begin on February 5th. However, the LCS 2021 Lock-in tournament is already underway, and on Day 1 many of the best teams put up impressive performances. 

The LCS 2021 Lock-in series is also something to look forward to with excitement. It will feature some of the best teams like Team SOLOMID, 100 Thieves, Evil Geniuses, and many others. The LCS 2021 lock-in will culminate in the last week of January, with the grand finals scheduled for 31 January.

9 teams took to the competitive scene on Day 1. Below, we have a round-up of the action that occurred on Day 1 of the LCS Lock-in tournament. 

Day 1 roundup: League of Legends LCS 2021 Lock-In 

On day 1, 6 teams from group A played three games, and 4 teams from group B played 2 games. Here is how the results panned out in Group A.

Group A

  • 100 Thieves vs Team SOLOMID - This was probably the most anticipated game of the day. While both teams are very even on paper, 100 Thieves snatched the win within 27 minutes of the game.
  • Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming - Liquid, who were the obvious favorites in this matchup did not disappoint fans. They outplayed Counter Logic Gaming's every move and secured a 24-minute victory.
  • Counter Logic Gaming vs Golden Guardians -  While the victory for Golden Guardians took longer than most would have expected, they walked away with a comforting victory in 31 minutes.


Group B

  • Evil Geniuses vs Cloud9 - This game was truly legendary in every sense. A clash between two goliaths in the LoL world. After 45 minutes of intense fighting, Evil Geniuses eventually managed to defeat Cloud9.
  • Dignitas vs FlyQuest - This contest was pretty short, and Dignitas came out on top in the second game from group B.


With the Spring Split starting soon, the LCS 2021 Lock-in tournament is a good way for professional teams to try out strategies against equally good opponents. The winner of the Grand Finals will also be awarded a cash prize of $150,000.

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