Sunil Narine: IPL Career Overview | Stats | Batting | Bowling Figures | Wickets

Sunil Narine has been one of the key players for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in their IPL journey. 

He was one of the main reasons Kolkata Knight Riders won the Indian Premier League trophy back in 2012 and 2014, where he was amongst the best bowlers in the IPL. 

Recently, Narine has also improved on his batting being a middle-order batsman who delivers when it matters the most. Let us have a look at how well Sunil Narine has played throughout his IPL career for KKR. 

Narine’s number fell a bit off when he was called out for his bowling action and had to change his style of bowling, but he seems to be slowly getting back on track as he looks to lead Kolkata Knight Riders with his bowling and explosive batting.  

His contribution in this year’s IPL has also been a lot and he looks forward to helping the team even more. 

Sunil Narine: IPL batting statistics 

Strike Rate162.18
Highest Score75

At first look, his overall career stats for his batting doesn’t look all that impressive but he is a middle-order batsman who started batting regularly since 2017 in the IPL, when he scored 224 runs in just 130 balls that he faced. 

The 2018 edition of IPL was his best career when it comes to batting as his total runs were 357 in only 188 balls, how crazy is that? 

He was flaunting a Strike Rate of 189.9, a serious threat to any top batsman. Just makes us wonder how well he would’ve done had he started batting earlier in his career. 

Sunil Narine: IPL bowling statistics

Runs Given3,455
Best Bowling Figures 5/19
Economy 6.74

This is the forte of the West Indian, as he’s only given a little over 1 run for every ball that he’s thrown throughout his IPL career. 

Sunil Narine, in his first three seasons, took IPL by storm and it was clear why the Kolkata Knight Riders were so dominant. 

He took 24,22,21 wickets in 2012,2013,2014 respectively, 2 out of those 3 seasons, KKR were crowned champions of the Indian Premier League. He also had an economy rate of around 5 in those three seasons. 

Sunil Narine: Major Honors in IPL

IPL Championships: 2012, 2014

IPL Player of the series: 2012, 2018

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