The best Premier League players of the 2010s

2010s was probably one of the best times in Modern Premier League history. The times where it's impact was accentuated by Social Media and became an even more powerful global phenomenon than ever before. And with rapidly commercialized environment came the superstars, crazy transfer fees and of course memorable moments to cherish. Here we acknowledge and celebrate a few of those who made our lives a little better and lit up the footy matches we adore in the 2010s in no particular order. 

1) Yaya Toure - CM ( Man City) 

Yaya Toure (Credits -Manchester City Official)

One of the most complete midfielders in the 2010s and one of Africa's finest Midfield gems ever, his game was  every inch of Ivory as it was of brute force. He was one of the first pioneers of the revolution at Ashburton Grove after being signed from FC Barcelona. His direct approach to play resulted in him bagging over 200 appearances and over 50+goals deep within the midfield. For the memories he gave us all, he definitely gets a virtual Birthday Cake from our side. 

2) Harry Kane-ST (Tottenham) 

Harry Kane (Credits - Tottenham Hotspur Official) 

England and now Bayern Munich talisman was not to long ago Mr. Tottenham. He is the second highest PL Scorer only after the great Alan Shearer. He was the reason Tottenham never had any problems with strikers after the departure of Gareth Bale and is someone those who started following Premier League in 2010s look up to. 

3) De Gea- GK (Man United) 

De Gea (Credits- Manchester United Official) 

Now a free agent, but in 2010s was the undisputed No.1 for the Red Devils and is considered as one of the finest shot-stoppers of his generation. His close range saves have made to the weekly highlights at sky sports and many others broadcasters weekly reviews many a times. His impact is not going to be forgotten anytime soon even though his playing style has been phased out by the advent of sweeper-keepers, his legacy would never be swept away. 

4) Eden Hazard- LW(Chelsea)

Eden Hazard (Credits- Chelsea Official)

Brought from the 2011 Lille squad which shocked everyone by clinching the French Ligue 1 Title that year. Hazard had become a Hazard for opposition defenders and an ever present for Chelsea down the wing and was the embodiment of effortless brilliance. Even though by accounts of ex-teammates and Managers he is described as an awful trainer but his performances on the pitch only left us to desire more of him till he left for the sunny side of Madrid for Real. 

5) Mesut Ozil CAM (Arsenal) 

Mesut Ozil (Credits- Arsenal Official)

The Assist king alongside KDB, the only reason he got the nod over KDB is because he was one of the dying breeds of pure free roaming attacking midfielders who managed to leave their mark in an increasingly rigid and system based players. He pulled out outrageous stuff on the regular (Cue Norwich goal) while on the other hand KDB while being brilliant is a hybrid CAM who is a Pep system player. 

6) N'Golo Kante-CDM (Leicester and Chelsea) 

N'Golo Kante (Credits- Leicester City Official)

The smiley faced assassin is probably the second most influential DM after Makelele at Chelsea who did all the hard work, mad crunching tackles. While letting the more luxury players like Hazard work their magic without worrying about defensive duties all the while enduring to us common fans with his down to earth attitude and the bright smile that radiated across the PL. He brought in a positive atmosphere to an otherwise tense environment both at the club and among fanbases alike. 

7) Gareth Bale-LW/LB ( Tottenham) 

Gareth Bale (Credits- Tottenham Hotspur Official) 

One of the most feared LBs turned LWs during the early part of 2010s before going on to become a galactico, he was initially a very promising Left Back at Southampton. And very early on in his Tottenham career before that match against Inter during the CL and from then on his attacking threat was evident for everyone to see. 

8) Kyle Walker-RB (Aston Villa , Tottenham and Man City) 

Kyle Walker (Credits- Aston Villa Official) 

Staying at the theme of Tottenham, Kyle Walker was a steady presence at Tottenham and was known as a Rapid Right Back who was in and around the England side during his time there. But ever since his move to City he has transformed into one of the most complete players and is starting for Pep all the while being at the wrong side of 30.

Special mention to the likes of Aguero , Fernando , RVP ,Salah ,Son, Alexis Sanchez , VVD and many more.

Cover Credits- Bleacher Report

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