Player Comparison : H2H : Mo Salah vs Harry Kane

Kane and Salah 

are arguably two of the biggest  legends in modern day Premier League history .Both are integral figures for their club and country respectively and have been lethal in front foal for the bwtter part of the last decade. But there are still some differences that set them apart from each other and that is precisely  what are going to do today by pitting them against each other Head to Head and see who comes out on top .


Premier League Titles



Salah Credits - EPL

Even though on the surface  it looks like a close contest , Salah was unlucky not win more than 1 Premier League Title as not for the trophy machine that is Man City , he could  possibly have had 2-3 League titles whereas Harry Kane never really came close to lifting any sort of domestic silverware despite his best efforts in front of goal.


Countries Played In



Kane Credits- Bundesliga

Salah here is the clear  winner as he has proven himself across 4 countries namely  Egypt , Switzerland  , Italy and England whereas Harry Kane has only just ventured outside his homeland at the age of 30 but the signs are good as he has absolutely taken the Bundesliga  by storm and has so far shown that  he is capable of delivering the same level of performances week in week out in a different league.


Career Club Goals

Salah-281 in 583 matches

Kane-333 in 563 matches

Kane (Left) and Salah(Right) Credits -

Kane edges out Salah in this category with a small but significant enough distance . But one has to take into account that Harry Kane has been assigned the role of a goalscorer his entire career and Salah was initially an out and out winger who gradually polished his game and only became the goalscoring wide forward today by the time he was at Roma along with the fact that he is also tasked with creating chances rather than pure goalscoring also skew the numbers in Kane's favour even though  Kane deserves his plaudits.

Kane and Salah 

Salah- 281 in 583

Kane- 88 in 536

Salah(Left) Kane (Right) Credits -EPL

Here , the situation flips completely as Salah emerges as the clear  winner though it is to be expected  as a. Wide player has more responsibilities along with the fact that at Liverpool he has played under a Kloop team where everyone in the front line  is expected to combine as a team and  contribute to attack whereas at Tottenham Kane was their primary goalscorer but did try his best to create for others whenever he possibly could.

International Goals

Salah- 54 in 96 matches

Kane-62 in 89 matches

Kane (Top) Salah (Botton) Credits - FIFA

Not much to separate both of these international  legends who have adorned the captains armband for their country  but on paper Kane just about manages to beat Salah to the finish line .With that being said , even though a goal is a goal and all Goals are counted equal , Salah has been dealt a much harder hand as he is many a times  the only source of any attacking spark  for Egypt while Harry Kane has been surrounded by superstars many of whom play in the Premier League week in week out.

International Assist



Salah- (With Ball) Credits - FIFA

In terms of setting up his teammates at the International stage , Salah almost doubles the output as  Kane does . But This doesn't necessarily  indicate that Kane is inferior in the build up z rather there are other factors such as his role, manager instruction , his other qualities like hold up play helping others flourish instead. That being said, Salah's assigned record is even more Impressive considering  he managed to keep this rate of Assist all the while scoring at an equally impressive rate.

Positions Played



Salah Credits - Sky Sports 


Kane Credits - Premier League

Another parameter where it seems like Salah and Kane are  almost equals but that is indeed a false alarm. Though both of them have played most of their careers up until now at RW and CF respectively. Salah has had far more experience playing playing as  a central option and even Attacking midfielder at times when seemed necessary.




Salah(Left) Kane(Right) Credits - Premier League

Though there is only a gap of one year between Salah and Kane , in terns of their physical age Salah comes of as the worse of two due to his recent injury struggles along with the more physical demands of his position while on the other hand Harry Kane has had it pretty good with injuries and can adjust his playstyle to prolong his career a little longer with ease

Cover Credits - English Premier League

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