Top 5 most valuable football clubs as of 2024

Football clubs are as much of a commercial entity as they are community institutions, there is no denying that. The list, while not being written in stone can be used as a general reference to gauge how well a club is doing in terms of on the field Performances, brand value, broadcasting viewership numbers, fanbase, marketability, financial prowess etc. The list has been compiled by the folks over there at Forbes , pretty reliable.

As we dive into the list of Top 5 most valuable clubs of 2024, a clearer picture will emerge as to what extent certain clubs have established themselves to dominate the footballing landscape and are the movers and shakers of today and probably the future.

This list is dominated by top Premier League and La Liga clubs

5. Manchester City: $4.99 billion

Manchester City are currently valued at $4.99 billion

Manchester City Club - Most valuable football clubs as of 2024
Manchester City Club (Credits- Wikipedia)

At number 5 we have the Cityzens, who have been transformed into a global superclub after their takeover by Sheikh Mansour. With a current value of $4.99 billion, a remarkable 18% one-year value change, and a healthy  revenue of $815 million, the Sky Blues from the English Premier League are proof of smart management of finances along with the blessings of the Abu Dhabi royal family.

4. Liverpool: $5.29 billion

Liverpool have a current valuetion of $5.29 billion

Liverpool Club - One of the most valuable football clubs as of 2024
Liverpool Club (Credits- Wikipedia)

Its not a surprise to see Liverpool, an English Premier League giant who has operated shrewdly as far as the finances and allocation of resources under the ownership of FSG , secure fourth position with a current value of $5.29 billion. The Reds have experienced a 19% one-year value change, proof of  their financial resurgence. With a mouth watering  $793 million in revenue and an operating income of $129 million, Liverpool  have combined  on-field success with financial acumen and the result is there for everyone to witness.

3. Barcelona: $5.51 billion

Barcelona sit on a current valuation of $5.51 billion

Barcelona Club - One of the most valuable football clubs as of 2024.
Barcelona Club (Credits- Wikipedia)

In 3rd spot, we have FC Barcelona, one of the most well recognized  footballing institutions  in the world. As of now valued at $5.51 billion, Barcelona have maintained their financial strength with a 10% one-year value change. The club’s revenue of $721 million and operating income of $53 million emphasize its sustained management .

2. Manchester United: $6 billion

Manchester United are as of now valued at $6 billion

Manchester United Club - One of the most valuable football clubs as of 2024
Manchester United Club (Credits- Wikipedia)

In the runner-up position, the Mancunians stand tall with a current value that is head to head with the team at the number one spot  that is Real Madrid, at $6 billion. The Red Devils boast a substantial 30% one-year value change which is the proof of their financial health . With $779 million in revenue and an impressive operating income of $108 million, Manchester United has been and still is a financial force to be reckoned with.

1. Real Madrid: $6.07 billion

Real Madrid are at the top with a valuation  of a whopping  $6.07 billion

Real Madrid Club - One of the most valuable football clubs as of 2024
Real Madrid Club (Credits- Wikipedia)

And topping of the list are none other than Los Blancos , who are famous for their galacticos policy and have indeed achieved galactic results in the financial charts this year. With a unparalleled current value of $6.07 billion, Real Madrid’s financial prowess is unmatched. 

Despite a modest 19% one-year value change, the club has generated a  respectable revenue of $807 million. While the operating income stands at -$38 million, it does little to diminish Real Madrid’s stature as the undisputed champions  both on the footballing front as we as Financial one .

Cover Credits - FIFA Official

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