Vinicius Jr: The Most Important Player in Football

Football is universally known as the beautiful game, the common man's game and the biggest stars on the global stage and the ambassadors and our representatives for what football stands for. However, some players end up becoming more than just great players on the pitch. They end up becoming generational icons who end up inspiring millions of young guns to take up the game as well as of the pitch by being an agent for change one such example being Drogba who managed to stop a civil war from taking place in their country or Messi and Ronaldo for taking football to farther shores than anyone could have ever imagined a decade ago. 

One such player who is arguably the current flag bearer of generational icons arguably alongside Marcus Rashford of Manchester United is Vinicius Jr. of Real Madrid and Brazil.

Vinicius Jr: The Most Important Player in Football
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The baton of ever smiling, brave courageous wingers who dribble and outskill their opposite numbers by pulling off outrageous viral worthy tricks on command has been passed down from Ronaldinho to Neymar and now down to Vinicius Jr. These are the type of players who bring smile to the masses every time they step onto the pitch, reminding us that indeed the game is still pure and simple, it's intended purpose is to entertain people in an Era of robotic systems. And intricate almost puppet like possession based gameplay by repeating the same boring passing patterns and break the monotony of our mundane everyday lives.

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Vinicius Junior had been hyped up as a wonderkid who would go on to achieve great things ever since he was 16 and just like Endrick is going Madrid bow. His transfer to Madrid was also sealed soon after he made his debut for Flamengo but stayed with them until he turned 18. Initially, he had bags of stocks flair and pace but was inconsistent and lacked end product. However, just like the coming age of the class of 2000, he eventually managed to iron out his flaws and blossomed to one of the most lethal wide forwards for Los Blancos alongside with being a key player for the Brazilian National team.

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Vincius Jr. is the most high profile exponent of Joga Bonito. In an Era where footballers are almost expected to be spotless media trained spokesperson without a shred of individuality, Vinicius stands out amongst his peers dancing away and turning opposition stadiums into his dancing hall just like Lingaard used to dish out his dance moves and entertain the crowd. Not only with his goals and skills buy also the little bit of extra swagger and flashiness that he bought amongst heaps of footballers who like to play it safe and have a low public profile. 

A larger than life superstar like Vini right at the time when digital and social media are about to enter their peak can dictate how on a digital basis football manages to connect with an ever virtual centric fanbases and get them to stick with football. Here is where a player more like a brand icon like Vinicius becomes important in whether football would loses it's battle against esports or would it be able to win in the younger generation who has grown up on ultimate Team and a player like Vinicius who both youngsters as well as folks from 20-35 can resonate well. He could potentially be someone who could bridge the gap and make sure that the spark of football never dies out.

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With him only being  23 and having grown up in the age of constant access, exposure and pressures of social media, he knows very well that every move of his whether on the field for Real or Brazil or off the field has a massive impact on the footballing landscape. Whether it's setting new trends or breaking old habits and tricks which aspiring footballers would try to emulate as if it's Bible or the stances he takes on various issues that plague world football which he has done in the past, he could be a real gamechanger.

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