Footballers with Most Trophies: Lionel Messi on Top

Trophies are a parameter that is very difficult to disprove when it come to success achieved by a player on the pitch and is a pretty reliable yardstick to gauge the success of a players career even though this comes with a lot of caveats. While there is so much to win in football but with such short careers, many of the top players fail to win it all. You may know many of them, but there are a few relatively obscure names on this list that might end up catching you by surprise. 

Let's see which hunter has hunted down the most glorious of trophy hauls.

5) Sergio Busquets 

Sergio Busquets
Sergio Busquets (Credit -

Former Barcelona and Spain Stalwart who is currently donning the pink colours off Inter Miami, Sergio Busquets ghastly virtually won all his trophies by. Being an virtual  ever present in the Barcelona dream team built by Pep which dominated the latter part of 2000s and early 2010s. A rolls royce-esque midfielder who relies on intelligence, technique rather than brute force ended up being the perfect defensive pivot for the then famed tiki-taka Barca DNA and has been suitably rewarded with 37 trophies throughout his career with 2 more of his teammates during that time being on the list. Sergio was indeed a rarity and his trophy cabinet reflects that.

4) Hossam Ashour

Hossam Ashour
Hossam Ashour (Credit -

With the world's eyes mostly on European football, often at times we end up neglecting leagues in other continents and this often results in some wonderful players going under the radar. In third place is a player that not many would have heard of - Hossam Ashour, with 39 trophies in his career to his name.

Ashour has clinched 13 Egyptian Premier League titles, four Egypt Cups, six CAF Champions League trophies, and no less than 10 Egyptian Super Cups. A true legend of the game. An almost one club man barring an 8 game stint with Al-Ittihad. It's even more impressive as he wasn't even an Egypt regular amassing only 14 senior Caps and those unaware of his trophy haul will probably only remember him as an ever present free agent found in every FIFA 14 save.

3) Hossam Hassan

Hossam Hassan
Hossam Hassan (Credit - BBC)

Another Hossam, another Egyptian and yet another Al-Ahly player on the list he is one of the greatest goal scorer for Egypt and is their current manager having biggest most of his 41 trophies with Al-Ahly and Zamalek along with a handful of individual honours. He has surprisingly played in Switzerland and Greece which is commendable for someone coming from Egypt at that time and is a testament to his class along with his trophy count. Unlike his role of a no nonsense defensive midfielder, he managed to secure all the trophies.

2) Dani Alves 

Dani Alves
Dani Alves (Credit -

Next up tied with the top spot with 44 trophies is Dani Alves who achieved it by turning up for the likes of Sevilla, Barcelona, Juventus, PSG, Sao Paulo and the Brazil NT both at senior and Olympic level.

1) Lionel Messi 

Lionel Messi: Player with most number of trophies
Lionel Messi (Credit - FIFA Official)

Grabbing the top spot is none other than Lionel Messi who has been the face of Barcelona and the Argentinian NT along with so many individual honours he could open a museum just to put them up for display. That being said he also has achieved success with PSG and most recently Leagues Cup with Inter Miami which truly cements his status as one of the greats and slams home the criticism that he was only good in his La Masia cocoon and couldn't their anywhere else and doesn't  look like he would be stopping anytime soon.

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