Why Rodri is Man City's best player?

DNA is the fundamental code which defines the characteristics and traits of a human being.  A football teams identity on the pitch is largely defined by the players and the manager via the playing style and type of players that fit into the mould of Pep' s advanced possession based system. It has Barca  tiki-taka DNA written all over it and nobody encapsulates it better than Rodri, who is a more complete version of what Busquets was to Barca or Alonso to Bayern. 

In a team of flash superstars, he is the one who ensures that the simple fundamentals are executed and the game keeps on ticking so that the other more attack minded players can be relatively free from their defensive duties and attack without fearing a counter every time they go forward. 

Rodri (Credits- Sky Sports)

With playing out of the back, Rodri brings both the ability to be a strong defensive screen along with the tidy passing that allows them to dominate and tire out the opponents  which also leaves them prone to counters as he is generally an unpressable player. DMs have been a vital part of Pep's system at city too as before him Fernandinho was the linchpin in his initially years is widely considered a fan favourite some might even say a modern day club legend. 

Rodri (Credits- Sky Sports)

And although Man City have shown they are a team build on the ethos of total Football which isn't overly reliant on star power. Rodri is such a crucial component to the system that whenever he has been absent for a noticeable period of time, it has been observed that city has somewhat faltered considering the astronomical high standards the Cityzens hold themselves to.

Haaland (Left) De Bruyne (Center) Rodri(Right) (Credits - Man City Official) 

Even though some might say that the likes of De Bruyne and Foden are more important but frankly all 3 are equally irreplaceable in their own right. But owing to the process, Pep emphasize on, it's highly Rodri's strengths and importance to the way this team plays the most and thus comes out on top . 

The reason City are able to crush their opponents attack without the risk of being exposed in the centre is down to the sheer brilliance of Rodri's ability to nullify attacks down the middle of the park along with the presence he offers as one of City' s most senior player in the dressing room, the mental and tactical advantage he offers when fit is unparalleled. 

Rodri Credits- Man City Official

That being said, he also offers crucial goalscoring and assisting output which is rare and equally more Impressive considering the watertight and hyper specific role oriented system Pep like to work with. 

He also has the ability to shine the most under pressure with that champions league final goal against Inter last year which so happened to be a goal that was outside the box highlighting another one of his strengths. That being his long range shooting which is a powerful tool to have in an Arsenal during those rare days when the Pep way doesn’t end up working out as usual. 

Rodri (Credits- Electronic Arts)

Even Pep himself has acknowledged that  last year De Bruyne  and Haaland came above him in the best players list solely due to his role and that within the camp they realise how pivotal Rodri is to them . 

With that being said, we as football lovers can only hope to enjoy his brilliance as long as it lasts as he is just about to enter his prime at 27 and ages like a fine wine just like his brazilian predecessor did and etched his name as both a City as well as a modern day Football legend in general. 

Cover Credits- Breaking the Lines

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