Why Mbappe is finally leaving PSG for Real Madrid

The long drawn out saga  finally seems to be coming to a conclusion unless there is another M night Shyamalan-esque twist in this story and Kluian Mbappe has finally decided to bring this transfer story to a close which has been going on for far too long for some people's liking. Now is the time to address the big white elephant in the room and see what could have possibly brought Mbappe to draw this conclusion as far as his next move is concerned. 

His idolization of CR7 

Mbappe (Credits - The Sun)

It's been no secret that Mbappe is a big admirer of Cristiano Ronaldo and has been ever since he was a child with posters of prime CR7 plastered all over his walls and has carried well into his adulthood with his shirt number , his celebrations and now maybe his club career path along with the insane levels of work ethic which has already made him an icon at such a young age akin to his idol. 

PSG not winning CL

Mbappe (Credits - UEFA Official)

One of the biggest pet peeves for Mbappe during his time at PSG has been absence of European silverware despite completely taking all the domestic competitions by storm and winning everything. There is always faltering at some point or the other along with the disappointing fashion in which they have been eliminated despite having a lot of advantages whether it be bottling a final, surrendering a healthy lead against Man Utd. And Barcelona or some other new fancy method of self sabotage, PSG have always left Mbappe wanting for more. 

Dissatisfaction with the club project 

Al Khelafi (Left) Mbappe (Right) (Credits- PSG Official)

The club and Mbappe have been at loggerheads with each other with Mbappe having reportedly stated multiple times that the project laid out to him by those in charge and the ground reality are not in sync which couldn't be more than apparent when PSG tried their level best to keep him at the even at the cost of the club being a club. 

League Prestige 

Mbappe (Credits - Ligue 1 Official)

With all due respect to Ligue 1, the financial gap between PSG and others makes the domestic competitions as interesting as watching paint dry barring an upset every decade or two which has left an itch to  compete in competitive Title charges and this has let to him wanting to go to a League where the overall standard is a lot higher  which can help him cement his place as one the greats.

Lack of Playtime in Preferred position 

Messi(Left) Mbappe (Right) (Credits - PSG Official)

Up till this season, the famous Trio MNM (Messi , Neymar , Mbappe) was the front of the project but on the kings as coaches often decided to shift Mbappe out wide. This lead to him playing as a Winger most of the time even though he preferred playing in a more central position but had to accommodate due to the presence of 2 more superstars like Messi and Neymar who weren't at their physical best which meant Mbappe had to compensate by playing out wide at times which he did, but didn't particularly enjoy apparently.

A New Challenge  (Whole career in France) 

Mbappe (Credits-FIFA)

For someone who has played in his native homeland his entire life, the prospect of pushing himself and to prove in a different environment, playing Style, culture etc is a challenge that would certainly excite a player like Mbappe. He has pushed himself to the limit and strives for nothing but the best in every circumstance possible. So then, having conquered the French domestic circuit many a times, going down south is a move that is nether too risky in terms of upsetting his rhythm but works equally well in providing a change of scenery. 

Florentino Perez persistence 

Perez (Credits- Real Madrid Official)

When Real Madrid calls you, you don't say no. But this transfer fiasco has been making a mockery of this statement as Real had been after Mbappe since the stone age. They had a chance to sign him in 2017, then a couple of years back from when this transfer saga started and even as a youth player there might have been approaches. But Papa Perez perseverance  might be finally paying off and we couldn't see him unveiled at the Bernabeu soon.

Cover Credits - Sky Sports

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