10 Essential Resources for Golf Enthusiasts

For golf enthusiasts, having access to the latest news, instruction, gear reviews, and course information is essential. With so many great resources available online and on TV, it can be overwhelming to know where to look. To help, here are 10 of the best resources for golfers to stay up to date on everything happening in the golf world.

10 Essential Resources for Golf Enthusiasts
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GolfWRX is one of the largest online golf communities, offering expert reviews, breaking news, gear forums, instruction tips, and more. With original content and camaraderie among its members, GolfWRX is a go-to destination for golfers to discuss equipment and playing advice, and stay informed. The active forums connect over 125,000 members discussing all things golf.

Golf Channel

For golf fans, the Golf Channel is an essential resource for watching professional tournaments and staying up to date on the latest news. With insightful journalism and coverage of all major tours, Golf Channel is the leader in golf entertainment and information on TV. It provides year-round tournament coverage along with in-depth analysis and interviews. continues to be one of the fastest-growing golf sites, providing readers with breaking news, podcasts, travel tips, style advice, and everything happening in golf. The site offers compelling content to reach avid golfers and casual fans alike. With a team of experienced journalists, delivers strong editorial perspectives on the game.

Golf Tips Magazine

For over three decades, Golf Tips has been a leading golf instruction and equipment review magazine. It provides step-by-step techniques from top teachers, equipment buying advice, health and fitness tips, and more for golfers trying to improve their games. Every issue is packed with drills, gear advice, and fitness exercises golfers can use.


This popular golf media brand distributes free instructional videos and engaging content to its audience of over 1 million followers. Skillest helps make golf more enjoyable and accessible through social media, quality production, and a modern approach. Their instructors break down complex skills into easily digestible lessons.

Putting Shark

Dedicated to mastering golf's most crucial skill, Putting Shark offers in-depth guides, gear reviews, and professional insights to help golfers improve their putting techniques. This online community creates content for golfers seeking to gain an edge on the greens. Their website contains a wealth of putting tips, drills, and training aids, and they review many different putters so you can find the perfect one for you.

Golf City

With hundreds of articles on improving your golf game, saving money on equipment, and having more fun on the course, Golf City provides helpful tips and advice for all golf enthusiasts. They cover everything from beginner lessons to advanced shot shaping techniques.

The Sand Trap

With news, reviews, forums and more, The Sand Trap offers avid golfers opportunities to share opinions, talk equipment, and connect over their shared passion for the sport. It's an engaging online community for golf enthusiasts. The discussion forums allow members to get answers to questions and learn from fellow golfers.

Golf Digest

As one of the most popular golf publications, Golf Digest provides comprehensive coverage of professional tours, gear reviews, travel features, and in-depth instruction from top teachers. With over 4 million subscribers, Golf Digest showcases top courses and destinations worldwide.

Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield’s YouTube channel is full of free golf videos and tips to help improve your game through instruction, course vlogs, equipment reviews and more. His entertaining teaching style makes learning accessible for golfers of all skill levels.

Whether seeking golf instruction, gear advice, or entertainment, quality resources are available for enthusiasts in the digital age. Utilizing this multitude of websites, publications, podcasts, and social media accounts will keep passionate golfers plugged into the latest happenings and help them get the most enjoyment from the game.

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