What To Do With Old Golf Clubs

As you move through the ranks in your ability and learn new skills along the way, you will probably find that you need to upgrade your golf clubs to reflect that. Whether you are a seasoned golfer upgrading your equipment or simply looking to clear out some clutter, old golf clubs often pose a dilemma on how to responsibly dispose of or repurpose them.

Instead of letting them gather dust in a corner, there are numerous creative and practical ways to give new life to your old clubs. From donating to beginners or scraping/recycling, this article delves into a range of solutions for what to do with old golf clubs.

What Can I Do With an Old Set of Golf Clubs?

What To Do With Old Golf Clubs
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A consistently great option is to donate your clubs. That could be to your local golf club, a raffle, or a favourite neighbourhood charity shop. Donating your old golf clubs to a local charity or thrift store can help someone else tee off on their golf journey without breaking the bank.

Wherever you donate them, you will be safe in the knowledge that they will be making someone else's life a little bit better - either by using the donated clubs or by receiving care from the money gained from the charity selling them.


Selling well-kept, big-brand clubs can be a great deal if you have them in good condition.  And even if it's not a big brand, as long as your clubs are in good or fantastic condition, selling them is a great way to get them out of your hair while also getting yourself a little pocket money for new golf gear and apparel.

Also you can hop online and join golf-related forums or marketplaces where you can sell your old clubs to fellow enthusiasts who may be looking for an affordable upgrade.


Consider gifting your old golf clubs for a unique and thoughtful gift. If you have friends or family who also enjoy golf, consider letting someone else use your clubs that still have life left in them. After all, you know what they say - no good deed goes unnoticed.

Gifting old clubs to a young person can be a special gesture that can help them learn the sport. Passing your love of the sport to someone else can be a joy in itself.

Trade-In Programs

Explore trade-in programs offered by sporting goods stores or manufacturers to exchange your old clubs for credit towards new equipment. Check with your local sporting goods stores to see if they offer trade-in programs where you can swap your old clubs for store credit or discounts on new gear.

Many golf club manufacturers have trade-in programs that allow you to send in your old clubs in exchange for credit towards purchasing their latest models, making it a win-win for both you and your golf game. The great thing about trading your clubs in is that you don't have to wait around for them to sell like you would if you sold them privately


Long-term ownership of clubs with extensive usage may lead to their potential depreciation. In those situations, you certainly don't want to be donating or gifting them, and even attempting to sell them would be unsuccessful. That's where the scrap heap comes in. 

Scrapping or recycling your clubs is a great way to get rid of them while ensuring they are being disposed of safely and correctly. The materials used in clubs can potentially be repurposed, depending on their composition. Either way, you will be safe knowing that you'll be doing your part to help the environment.


If you have some golf clubs lying around ever since you have upgraded your set, don't leave them to the dust. Instead, utilize one of the numerous alternatives available to get rid of them.  You can sell, donate, gift, scrap, recycle, or trade in your clubs. There are plenty of ways to ensure that your old golf clubs continue to bring joy and utility long after their days on the green have passed.

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