5 social distancing rules that must be followed in all sports

Bundesliga has restarted the football campaign. And Premier League has just started off with their group training. The Project Restart could kickstart in June. Serie A is also planning to restart its campaign. La Liga restart is also in the pipeline. WWE has been going on with its Raw and SmackDown events behind closed doors. Cricket may resume again, with Sri Lanka set to kickstart a three-nation tournament in July.

But all league and tournaments, across sports, has to comply with social distancing in a bid to not only let the games continue but also contain the virus. 

So, what are the ways social distancing rules that must be complied with in sports?

Games behind closed doors at least for a year

All leagues and tournaments, if it restart, will have to be played behind closed doors. Bundesliga restarted without fans, and it set an example for other leagues to follow. Football, cricket, and other sports have to be played behind closed doors for at least a year until the virus is under total control. PL has already said fans and players to brace up for matches behind closed doors for 12 months at least. 

WWE is holding Raw and SmackDown without fans since the pandemic broke out. And it would take some time for the fans to return to stadiums.

No group celebration or handshakes 

Already, handshakes have been banned since the pandemic broke out. And the football players have been told to refrain from group celebration to mark a goal. When the Bundesliga resumed, Hertha Berlin's Dedryck Boyata kissed Marko Grujic in a 3-0 win against Hoffenheim. Bundesliga didn’t punish them but asked players to follow strict social distancing rules. Boyata, however, claimed he was not kissing, but merely giving instructions to his mate. 

The football league has to be strict with social distancing guidelines to set an example for other sports to follow.

Disinfecting grounds, equipment, and other playing surfaces

Already few PL football clubs are following this as they welcome phase two of training where group sessions are allowed. Disinfecting grounds, equipment and playing surfaces after every session is must to make sure the virus is contained and a transmission is not risked. Even Cricket Australia are planning to discuss disinfecting the leather ball if cricket is to resume amid Covid-19.

Social distancing while travelling and sharing rooms

Earlier, all the players and staff will be packed in a luxury bus for their travelling to and from the stadium. But now, it calls for better safety measures. The players and staff will have to be accommodated in maybe two or more buses with proper social distancing measures in place. 

Maybe, local players and staff would be asked to come on their own vehicles for the management to carry fewer players and staff on the buses. The same rules apply while sharing the rooms.

Frequent tests and maintaining personal hygiene

Regular and periodical tests would have to be done for coronavirus and if someone is positive, then the guidelines have to be followed strictly. It could be the only way to stop the virus from spreading. Besides, sports can get the players’ dirty, and hence, personal hygiene should be given utmost importance.

Photo: Borussia Dortmund players on Bundesliga return

Photo courtesy: Bundesliga Facebook page


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