After months of criticism, Alexis Sanchez hits back at Manchester United

Former Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez had some pretty harsh words for his ex-club. He revealed that he severely regretted his decision to join the Red Devils and it took him no longer than his first training session with the club that he had committed to the wrong party.

Sanchez’s transfer was one of the most high-profile transfers the Premier League witnessed as he moved from the Emirates to Old Trafford, just after a very impactful season individually. His deal was actually a swap deal for Henrikh Mkhitaryan, who didn’t fare much better at Arsenal.

Alexis Sanchez Manchester United
Credits: Bleacher Report

Sanchez was also under Pep Guardiola’s radar but the Red Devils managed to sabotage the deal with an enormous contract only to see a Sanchez who was not even half as good as he was at Arsenal. The deal almost made him the highest paid player in England on terms that could reach around £500,000 per week with various bonuses.

As time passed by, Sanchez only proved to be a burden for Manchester United, both financially and mentally. He was injury-prone, limiting his appearances and failed to make his spot concrete in United’s starting XI. Things exacerbated after Mourinho was dismissed, as Sanchez was clearly not a part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s re-building plan.

However, after almost two years of facing severe criticism and trolling, Sanchez has fired shots of words back at United. While talking about it on Instagram he said, “I got the opportunity to go to United and it seemed tempting to me. It was something nice for me, because when I was a kid I liked that club a lot. I ended up signing without much information about what was happening in the move.”

“In the first training session I realized many things. I went home and I told my representative, ‘Can’t the contract be terminated to return to Arsenal?’ They started laughing and I told them that something did not sit right with me. But it had already been signed.”

Sanchez also mentioned how several pundits’ reviews hurt his sentiments and bothered him constantly as he was blamed for everything wrong happening at the club. Now that the contract with Manchester United is terminated and Sanchez has become a permanent member of Antonio Conte’s Internzionale, let’s see how the winger fares.

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