All 20 Premier League manager's salaries Part-2

In part two of Premier League manager's salaries, we will come across the tactician who are among the best paid managers not only in the Premier League but probably within the entire footballing  landscape.  

Some rightly deserve the bag for the work they have carried out while others might consider themselves to be lucky to be paid what they are being paid but nonetheless being backed by the clubs to deliver the goods and justify their good pay packet sooner rather than later.

10 David Moyes - West Ham 

David Moyes - Premier League Manager's salaries
David Moyes (Credits- West Ham)

Even though this season hasn't been the best for the seasoned Scott,  but his experience  and what he has achieved with Everton and especially with West Ham last season. David Moyes is well paid and he is with a £4m salary deal accompanied by bonuses totalling £1 million even though it's less than the pay he received £5.2m in compensation from Manchester United when he replaced Van Gaal at Old Trafford . 

9 Thomas Frank - Brentford 

Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank (Credits-Brentford)

Comfortably packed in the middle of the mid table, one might assume that he is a run of the mill manager and Brentford are stagnating but quite contrary to that assumption, he is doing a wonderful job to get Brentford where they are right now. With Ivan Toney returning to form the only way for them now is up and £4.5 million along with an additional £500,000 as part of the club's performance-related bonus is pretty respectable for someone who was in EFL League One not too long ago. 

8 Roy Hodgson - Crystal Palace 

Roy Hodgson - Crystal Palace
Roy Hodgson (Credits- Crystal Palace)

The most experienced manager on the list with over 40 years of managerial experience,  old horse Roy return to Selhurst Park hasn't been all roses and his place has been questioned with lacklustre performances from the London side. Though as of now he is admitted  to hospital due to medical issues and we wish he recovers soon. On a financial perspective , the 76 years Hodgson earns a healthy annual salary of £4.5 million.

7 Ange Postecoglou - Tottenham Hotspur 

Ange Postecoglou - Tottenham Hotspur
Ange Postecoglou (Credits-Tottenham)

Big 'Ol Ange has brought back the good times at Spurs and at one point this season even looked to run away with the league but have comparatively slowed down. Though it takes nothing away from the Greek-Australian and the instant impact he has had on the squad especially after their talisman Kane had left for Germany. If their impressive form continues, the former Celtic boss can hope to see a boost in his annual salary of £5 million through additional bonuses. 

6 Sean Dyche - Everton 

Sean Dyche - Everton
Sean Dyche (Credits-Everton Official)

Synonymous with everything that is considered typically associated with British style of football, the former Clarets hardman has been tasked with keeping an Everton team afloat hit with multiple points deductions this season. He has been given contract worth £5m a year for pulling it off. He has managed to do a great job so far and can still pull it off , but failure to do so shall see them out of the PL for the first time in their history. 

5 Erik ten Hag - Manchester United 

Erik Ten Hag - Manchester United
Erik Ten Hag (Credits - Manchester United Official)

Managing arguably one of the biggest brands in world football, Ten Hag  was brought to bring the famous Ajax style of play he had implemented  during his time there and has managed to deliver a League Cup so far. But for £9 million in wages, the Glazers and Sir Jim expect a lot more Jam from the Dutchman and has been especially under fire for his lacklustre performances and a host of off field issues. He is still in the hunt for top 4, but a lot more was and still is expected from him. 

4 Mikel Arteta - Arsenal 


Mikel Arteta - Arsenal
Mikel Arteta (Credits- Arsenal Official)

On the other end of the spectrum is one of the youngest managers, Mikel Arteta. In his first senior management job who has repaid the Kronkes for "Trusting the Process" and are now flying high. The Gunners who either this season or the next look like being on the verge of getting their hands on multiple trophies and for that transformation, he has been handed a contract of £9.5m per year. 

3 Mauricio Pochettino - Chelsea 

Mauricio Pochettino - Chelsea
Mauricio Pochettino (Credits-Chelsea Official)

Throwing money at your problems doesn't always solve them, and nobody knows it better than Todd Bohley and Chelsea. Despite splurging big on managers as well as backing him with significant transfers are trapped in mid table mediocrity and things don't seem like getting anytime soon. Although Poch is in a tough spot right now, at least he gets earns an eye-watering £10.4 million per year to endure and firefight this nightmare. 

2 Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool 

Jurgen Klopp - Liverpool
Jurgen Klopp (Credits-Liverpool Official)

For about a decade, the man who in an alternate universe coul be an ambassador for Dental Products has worked tirelessly to turn around the fortunes of the Mersyside team from their so called banter Era to a point where their trophy cabinet speaks for itself. But he has been more than just a manager and reshaped the clubs identity which would remain their after he is long gone and is arguably a hero for life, a highly paid one.

With a remarkable £15 million annual salary - nearly double that of the manager in third place and an additional £1.5 million in bonuses, the German deserves this for tuning Liverpool in one of the most well oiled winning machines alongside Man City.

1 Pep Guardiola - Manchester City

Pep Guardiola - Manchester City
Pep Guardiola (Credits- Manchester City Official)

The Megamind of Football gets the Mega riches and sits at the top of the pile, both in terms of Trophies as well as on financial terms. Guardiola exploits deserve a piece of its own. Just look up his managerial record and the rest is self explanatory. With that being said, he deservedly stands on top of the rich list with a substantial £20m. When factoring in add-ons and bonus , Pep's earnings typically soar another £5 million.
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