All 20 Premier League Manager's Salaries - Part-1

If players make the team, then managers make the teamwork and for some teams the (PL) dreamwork in today's day and age . So it's a given that folks behind the scenes pulling the strings are as handsomely compensated as their troops on the pitch. But is that so the case or is it an anomaly only among a select few clubs.

Here are 10 Premier League Managers salaries

20 Gary O'Neil - Wolves 

Gary O'Neil earns around £1.5 million per year as a manager.
Gary O'Neil (Credits- Wolves Official)

Though it is reported that he is earning around £1.5 million per year, the exact figures are not known  and although he earns a  significantly lower amount than his star studded predecessor Julen Lopetegui, who was apparently earning a £2.5m salary at Molineux. The performance is worth every penny and Wolves have once again been stabilized as club which is ready to take off instead of being a sinking ship it was perceived to be sometime back. 

19 Chris Wilder - Sheffield United 

Chris Wilder earns around £2.7m per year
Chris Wilder (Credits- Sheffield official)

Now onto someone whose arrival or one shall correctly state his return hasn't been as rosy as the Blades board and fans had hoped to be. He is their fan favourite who is earning around £2.7m per year if his deal from his previous tenure is anything to go by. And although the hope is to avoid the fate last time Wilder was around and the guy who brought European Nights with him last time around has an uphill task to keep them afloat. 

18 Andoni Iraola - Bournemouth 

Andoni Iraola reportedly makes £1m per season
Andoni Iraola (Credits - Bournemouth Official)

Next up we have Andoni Iraola who has exceeded beyond all expectations, someone who at the start of the season was tipped for the sack. But he has managed to turn the tide in his favour for the cherries at least for now reportedly making £1m per season under his two-year deal. However he is surely going to see a significant bump in his contract if things progress as they are.

17 Roberto De Zerbi - Brighton & Hove Albion 

Roberto De Zerbi earns £1.5 million per season
Roberto De Zerbi (Credits - Brighton Official)

A surprise inclusion at this stage for some as one might assume that for the turnaround Roberto De Zerbi has done taking the Seagulls from strength to strength after Potter's departure to Stamford Bridge. He must be among one of the top earners, but contrary to expectations he is a relatively modest £1.5 million per season. But he might be due a big payday as De Zerbi has been tipped to take over from Klopp at Liverpool after he leaves at the end of the season. 

16 Vincent Kompany - Burnley 

Vincent Konpany earns £2 million annually. 
Vincent Kompany (Credits- Burnley Official)

A modern day Premier League legend as a player for Manchestwr City, Vincent Kompany has completely turned overhauled the identity of Burnley and had guided them back to the big time with 100+points season in the EFL Championship last time around. But things look bleak for Kompany and his silky ball playing side even though he has a lot credit in the bank and backing from the board. As far as his actual bank IA concerned,  he was the highest-paid manager last season in the Championship, earning £2 million annually. 

15 Rob Edwards - Luton Town 

Rob Edwards reportedly earns £2m salary
Rob Edwards (Credits Luton Town Official)

The ultimate underdogs of the Premier League in a long time and probably everyone's  second favourite team, Rob Edwards who is the man in charge at Kenilworth Road tasked with pulling of the great escape is on a reported £2m salary. But ttat is purely down to the size of the club and shall they managed to pull of a few upset and survive in the league against all odds, a raise is definitely due. 

14 Nuno Espirito Santo - Nottingham Forest 

Nuno Espirito Santo earns more than £2m
Nuno Espirito Santo (Credits -Nottingham Forrest Official)

The former Wolves boss Nuno Espirito Santo was brought in by Nottingham after the board lost all confidence in Steve Cooper. As he is their highest-paid manager, we can safely assume that he is earning more than the £2m pay Steve Cooper used to get. Whether this pays off or not will only be a mystery that would be solved when the season comes to an end and as of now, they are precariously  place at 16th in the table. 

13 Eddie Howe - Newcastle United 

Eddie Howe
Eddie Howe (Credits- Newcastle United Official)

One of the best British managers around, Eddie Howe has completely  changes the face of Newcastle even when we take the takeover into account. He has delivered far beyond expectations  and even though he currently earns £4m per year, if he manages to take the Toons to Europe for the 2nd time running, he would be rewarded with the added bonus of an extra £1 million  on top of his base pay.

12 Marco Silva - Fulham 

Marco Silva
Marco Silva (Credits-Fulham Official)

Former Number 1 at Everton and current top man at Craven Cottage, Marco Silva has managed to stabilize the situation at the London based club. He has been suitably rewarded for maintain the status quo with a substantial £4 million salary along with an annual bonus of £500,000 helping them build a foundation which can hopefully take them back to their Europa League glory days. 

11 Unai Emery - Aston Villa 

Unai Emery
Unai Emery  (Credits -Aston Villa Official)

In 11th we say a very 'Good Ebening' to the Europa League king and former Gunners boss Unai Emry who has worked wonders at Aston Villa, one of the biggest surprises of the season. He has been reflected by the Villa Board by virtue of offering him an impressive salary package of £4 million, with potential bonuses totalling £1 million, clearly demonstrate the leap of Faith the execs at Villa have in him.

Cover Credits - Opta Analyst

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