Among Us Flamethrower Mode: A deadly new feature for crewmates to fire things up!!

Among Us is full of custom games, but none is more entertaining than the Among Us Flamethrower mode. 

A crewmate is given a flamethrower to kill fellow players with. However, you have to be pretty careful or you'll end up burning your crewmates.

By now many of you may have gotten bored with the many usual custom games in Among Us. Never fear, here is another mod, which is designed to keep you entertained. Among Us Flamethrower Mode is the latest trending custom game.

Slogo, a popular YouTuber based out of the United Kingdom, played an Among Us Flamethrower mode game yesterday, and within 24 hours the video has garnered over 663,000 views. He has almost 10 Million viewers on his YouTube channel. 

In the video, which is available on his YouTube channel, he plays as a crewmate & is given the godly gift of wielding a Flamethrower. 

As soon as the round begins, he accidentally incinerates a couple of crewmates in an attempt to try out how the flamethrower works. From there on, hilarity ensues as he goes about trying to guess and incinerate the imposter.

You can watch the entire Among Us Flamethrower mode custom game that Slogo plays here.

Among Us: Flamethrower Mode Details & Gameplay

Among Us Flamethrower mode can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. When the round begins, one of the crewmates is given a flamethrower, with which he can roast anyone to a crisp. 

However, everyone on the map is given a bucket of water, which they can pour near themselves to escape the crewmate with a flamethrower. 

Among Us Flamethrower Mode
Burn it up!! (Image Credits: youtube/slogo)

The water bucket is unlimited & as long as you throw the water bucket before the flamethrower hits you, you will be safe. 

However, if you aren't surrounded by water, and the flamethrower hits you, you will die. Also, if you get the flamethrower, be sure not to go berserks with it and incinerate everyone. It will be easy for the imposter to win the round.

Also, if you get the flamethrower, you are a high-value target for imposters, and they will try to kill you in the middle of the round. Ensure that you always go around doing tasks with someone watching your back.

If you find someone acting suspicious, and you think they are the imposter, do not hesitate to use the flamethrower to kill them. Or, they will end up taking your life & your teammates will be at a disadvantage.

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